Friday, February 11, 2011

Short health-based update

So you all know that I had been scarce here because I was "sick".  Well, I was sick, I was nauseated all day every day and struggling to just get to work and collapsing when I got home.

But I had to wait until all the scans and tests were done to be sure that nothing was going to go wrong.  Because when you are having a baby, the last thing you want to have happen is tell people, only to have something awful happen within the first 12 weeks or have to make a difficult decision.

So, I have been very busy in RL, with christmas/New year, organising a wedding (I have my own heirloom ring now for levelling with), convincing my partn^H^H^H^H^Hhusband to play a worgen with me, and... you know... growing a human in my belly.

It takes time!

Well, I seem to be a lot less sick now, I have a lot more time to play WoW and I have actually even started healing properly and have some ideas and advice on what to do in heroics, at least.  May I say LoH is your friend, and so is holy shock.

And for the record, my very next grim batol heroic dropped my bracers.  I'm pretty happy, and raid ready!  Now, its just a matter of slowly replacing my 333 gear with 346+ for added shininess for entry level raiding.

My ret set is not changed much in the last week - but the ret update has added about 1k to my DPS (I can push 10.5k with my ilvl333 gear as opposed to pushing 9k). I got compliments from the DPS in my PUG heroic last night for what I was able to do with what I had (they were all partially raid geared, and I was keeping up, well, in the same ball park, with my quest greens!) so I was feeling on top of the world after that - still am, in fact.  Also, I held my own in the Tol Barad raid - again, pushing over the magic 10k DPS requirement.

So, this week has been successful for me.

Next week, Southern Wardens steps into 10man raiding.  Which I am looking forward to.  Should be interesting.