Friday, February 18, 2011

One boss in BWD gawn

So, we killed magmaw on our first 10man adventure into raiding on wednesday night.  In typical raiding style, it went down on the last pull of the night!

I drew a lot of conclusions from that raid, and I need to do a couple more before I write up some advice on how to kill magmaw (there are a couple of very straight forward things you need to do to win) but also, on holy paladin healing.  There were two of us in the raid - and we are both very competent pally healers, with VERY different styles.  Looking at the recount summaries made me guffaw in amusement.  The other holy pally was using Divine Light as her go to spell, and pumping out the HPS.  She probably has a good 8-10 gear points on me.  Me?  Well, I was using every trick in the book to squeeze as much as I could out of what I had!  I used literally everything, except Light of Dawn, which I am not a fan of as a spell.

Today, I am hoping to go through the parses and see how much mana I generated compared to the other holy pally, and see if that is where I was lacking.  I strongly suspect it is.  I was experimenting with flasks and food, and I was trying the int flasks - I suspect until my gear picks up, I might need the spirit flask.

Here's a screen shot of the kill attempt and my spell usage (Yes I know they don't fit on my actual blog, just click them and they will take you to a page with just the image.  RSS feed readers... you will have no idea what I am talking about!)

As you can see, I was very evenly using every trick at my disposal.  I was keeping shock on CD as much as I could (which, honestly, probably wasn't enough).  Here is the other holy pally:
As you can see, she was pumping out the DLs hard as her go to spell.  I simply do not have the mana, or regen to keep that up as much as she did.

Then the money shot - why I need to up my spirit:
Guess where Brang ran short on mana completely and utterly and was running on fumes?  Yes, I was the light pink line.  This really rams home to me that my attribute distribution on my gear is not ideal, and I am a bit short when it comes to being 10man raid ready.  Not a LOT short, just a little bit.

Remember that list I put up a couple of weeks a go with the self gearing information?  Yeah, well I'm still wearing that list.  It's not the best list, but as you can see above, it is really just about raid ready, or at least very close to it.  I am near to replacing my crafted helm with the JP badge helm and that might make a bit of difference for monday, we will see!  Unfortunately, I don't have another holy pally to compare myself to in that raid. 

But, I think I acquitted myself quite well, I kept pace on the whole, considering my gear level. I didn't die too much, I didn't stand in the fire, and on the whole, the tanks didn't get omnomnomed to death.

Monday will be another raid instance, so we will see how that goes!  I will chat to our kiters of adds for magmaw and see if I can get a good understanding of how they controlled the adds successfully (as toward the end of the night, they really had those adds under control)  Then I will write up a NERD guide to 10man magmaw.