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Friday, February 11, 2011

Short health-based update

So you all know that I had been scarce here because I was "sick".  Well, I was sick, I was nauseated all day every day and struggling to just get to work and collapsing when I got home.

But I had to wait until all the scans and tests were done to be sure that nothing was going to go wrong.  Because when you are having a baby, the last thing you want to have happen is tell people, only to have something awful happen within the first 12 weeks or have to make a difficult decision.

So, I have been very busy in RL, with christmas/New year, organising a wedding (I have my own heirloom ring now for levelling with), convincing my partn^H^H^H^H^Hhusband to play a worgen with me, and... you know... growing a human in my belly.

It takes time!

Well, I seem to be a lot less sick now, I have a lot more time to play WoW and I have actually even started healing properly and have some ideas and advice on what to do in heroics, at least.  May I say LoH is your friend, and so is holy shock.

And for the record, my very next grim batol heroic dropped my bracers.  I'm pretty happy, and raid ready!  Now, its just a matter of slowly replacing my 333 gear with 346+ for added shininess for entry level raiding.

My ret set is not changed much in the last week - but the ret update has added about 1k to my DPS (I can push 10.5k with my ilvl333 gear as opposed to pushing 9k). I got compliments from the DPS in my PUG heroic last night for what I was able to do with what I had (they were all partially raid geared, and I was keeping up, well, in the same ball park, with my quest greens!) so I was feeling on top of the world after that - still am, in fact.  Also, I held my own in the Tol Barad raid - again, pushing over the magic 10k DPS requirement.

So, this week has been successful for me.

Next week, Southern Wardens steps into 10man raiding.  Which I am looking forward to.  Should be interesting.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ret to the FACE

It seems that the RNG gods are displeased with the goats I have been sacrificing to them asking for holy plate, and have, instead, in their infinite wisdom, showered me with DPS and Tanking plate instead.  This is wholly depressing since healing is my thing that I do.  I heal stuff.  I heal stuff when I am ret as well.  Although, apparently I also Tank stuff when I am ret too.

This is not all bad.  Ret is stupid fun.  And when I say stupid I mean it.  My screen lights up like a christmas tree whenever I get into the thick of it and I am madly pressing the current glowing button and waiting for my combo points to hit 3 before I do something with them (or sometimes less if my "hit shit harder" timer says that buff is about to run out).

You see, I always loved playing rogues.  My first toon was a troll rogue and I played the hell out of that character, until I was convinced to reroll alliance with work mates.  So, you can imagine how damn excited I was to find out that my holy rogue is just as much fun to play!

Now, 4.0.6 will be a big change to ret.  I am looking forward to the change in mastery.  I might actually start stacking that at some point! I am going to have a look this week at numbers and things that I can produce (I have about ilvl 333 average gear, and seem to be able to produce about 8k average DPS on a boss if I dont have to cover tanking or healing), which, for someone excited by the shinies on her screen, are some quite respectable numbers... for ret.  Yeah, I put the caveat for ret on there because no matter what I do, I seem to be about 1-2k behind people with similar levels of gear to me.  Which is kind of depressing, really.

But my guild are lovely, and they take the broken holy pally along as ret to try to farm for heroic gear anyway. That said, I actually mostly hold my own these days.  There really isn't a lot to ret; keep your hitty harder buff up, judge and crusader strike/divine storm when they are off CD, use your holy power when it gets to 3 on either the hitty one or your buff (or use word of glory if things are looking a little dire) and whenever one of your abilities glows, use it!  Use all your CDs on bosses.  That's the guts of ret.  There are some ideas of rotation and start ups, and there is finesse in choosing which proc to use when many proc at once, but really, those are not too important to people who are not at top end raiding just yet.  For most of us, venturing into our first raid, or gearing up in heroics, the finer ins and outs of decisions as to which proc to use when is not a life or death situation.  Not standing in the poop will yield much greater results.  That extra 100DPS just doesn't matter to us at this stage.  I am not saying it won't soon, but it doesn't yet.

It's not quite the faceroll it used to be, but it is a lot shinier on the screen!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Retribution Paladin changes in 3.2

I am going to wade into the quagmire that is "having an opinion" on changes to a class. As you may have figured out, I play a paladin, and at the moment I play pretty much equal time as holy and ret. I will put up my take on holy soon, but first up are the ret changes. These are just my personal experiences with them. I certainly don't claim to "know" anything, and I can only compare myself 3.2 with myself 3.1. Just remember, your mileage may vary depending on your gear, your ability and the fights you are currently working on.

I take a lot of EJ with a pinch of salt. There are a quite a few differing opinions on that site for this topic, but for the most part, people seem to be complaining about the changes, seeing them as a nerf. Personally, I don't agree. I don't think they are a nerf, as more of a shifting of the focus of the DPS.

This is why people get upset; A job they used to like doing (front loaded damage for aggressive target changing DPS) has now been changed. Ret is now more in line with the other classes with its ability to target swap and maintain output. There is a ramp up time for Seal of Vengeance, and Seal of Righteousness is instant, but does significantly less damage. SoV is the choice for single target DPS and SoR is the choice for quick change targets.

This means ret now has to actually think about their target. What am I killing? Will I be killing this thing for 10s or more? Will I need to swap off this boss and hit an add for some time then come back? And you know what? I like having to think about that in my fights, not just "look for blue swirly thing, move out of blue swirly thing, hit boss"

The other thing people like to see are big numbers. I have seen bigger numbers on my screen since 3.2 than I ever did in 3.1 (and I don't mean a bit bigger, I mean ALOT bigger - I did my first 10k crit this week, I was pretty stoked! my previous best was around 7-8k). My average damage output is up (due in part to a weapon upgrade, but not entirely) and I feel like a contributing part of the DPS team, not just a healer offspec anymore.

So here are a few facts about 3.2
Fact: single target DPS is increased (ie the patchwerk test) - no question here (for example, I have gone from generally last on the DPS meters to the top third. This is in part due to a new weapon but mostly due to 3.2).

Fact: AoE is down a smidge (I now do metric shit tons, down from imperial shit tons)

Fact: ZOMG I HAVE TO CHANGE SEALS depending on the fight or on trash!!! whatever, I actually find that a little bit interesting.

In short, I have barely noticed the changes as impacting negatively on my enjoyment of DPSing. The Aoe nerf has probably saved me more than once and allowed me to start AoEing packs earlier without worrying about pulling accidentally on mobs the tanks have not picked up properly yet. The only changes I have really felt is that I need to judge wisdom or I go oom, and I sometimes have to change seals, which is a nice addition to the Priority queueing system of ability management.

It really feels like people are always seeing change as negative and that shits me to tears. Get over it ret pallies and adapt. 3.2 is not negative, I would actually rate it as a net buff in a back handed way. What I mean here is, in the right conditions I do imperial shit tons (up from metric shit tons) of single target damage, but less aoe and quick change DPS. Over all damage output is up, individual DPS, however, is down.

I am happy with my performance as a ret paladin in 3.2