Friday, February 4, 2011

Getting ready for Heroics (and raiding to some extent) as holy with minimal luck

Since I have had little to no time for heroics (and every time I do, it takes upwards of 2 hours because there are always a few of us learning what is going on as I always go as a guild group), and RNG has been less than kind to me with regards holy gear, I have had to work on getting my gear sorted out very much on my own.

Shopping list:
About 2500 JP, about 5000 if you want to buy a helm instead of the crafted one.  Rep grinding to exalted Earthen Ring and Therazane, Honored with Ramaken by quest levelling and wearing a tabard.  Bad RNG in heroic drops.  About 5-10k gold to use.  A herber alt.  JC as a profession.

So this is what I have done thus far:

Helm - get the Stormforged Helm created by a guildie.  You can buy a helm with JPs which is better, but as you will see later, I spent my JPs on another item to cover off other, larger upgrades.

Neck - Pendant of Elemental Balance (Earthen Ring Honored)

Shoulders - Twilight-Heart Shoulderplates (Quest Reward, Traitor's Bait, Horde side, unsure of alliance equivalent in Twilight Highlands)

Back - Cloak of Ancient Wisdom (earthen ring revered)

Chest - Peacemaker's Breastplate (Earthen Ring Revered)

Wrists - Good bloody question.  Still researching my options there, and waiting for RNG to strike in Grim Batol for Bracers of Umbral Mending off Erudax

Gloves - Gloves of Curious Conscience (1650 JP)

Belt - Expensive (truegold is owie), Light Elementium Belt (crafted Epic, needs 4 hardened Elementium bars, 3 Truegold, 2 Chaos Orbs)

Legs - My second piece of luck - Greaves of the Misguided (Heroic Shadowfang Keep, Lord Godfrey)

Feet - Drystone Greaves (Ramaken - honored)

Ring - Diamant's Ring of Temperance (Therazane - revered)

Ring - Ammunae's Blessing (Ramaken - Honored)

Trinket - Figurine - Dream Owl (JC)

Trinket - Figurine - Jeweled Serpent (JC)

Mace - A bit of luck! Scepter of Power (Heroic Halls of Origination, Setesh)

Shield - Shield of the Mists (950 JP)

Relic - Tattooed Eyeball (Inscription)  This is where you will need your herber.  The ink is hideously expensive, and it takes about one stack of cataclysm herbs per ink.  If you have the money, GREAT! If not, get herbing!

It's not the BEST list of items, but it is a very fast way of getting mostly ready to kick arse and take names in heroics at least.  I suspect, it might even scrape you into almost ready for raiding with an understanding guild.

So, in the last 4 days, that is what I have done.  Gone from 277 and 264 items and a lot of quest greens, and done the above.  I hope to heal my first heroic some time this weekend (My ret gear has been far outstripping my holy gear in luck and drops and so I have been DPSing all my heroics I have been doing) so will be able to put all this to the test!