Friday, March 12, 2010

Professor Putricide

I had originally started writing this up as a 10man strat, but since then, I have managed to be able to kill this guy a few times on 25s so here we go! 

The voice acting for this boss is a little tired by this point and is quite likely to send you to your music controls to try to find an option to stop the vocals!  But that aside, this is quite a fun fight.

Shopping list
3 tanks (preferably one with a good DPS output for a tank, ie a bear tank in kitty form is a good idea)
6 healers
Ranged heavy DPS team

The pull

Get everyone up towards the table end of the room and off to the left a bit.  The Main Tank will pull putiricide, your third tank will be DPSing, or at least pretending to, and your second tank is going to go for a ride!  MT tank where putricide stands, and OT go up to that table and drink the bottles labelled "drink me".  You will turn into an AWESOME CREATURE capable of a couple of things.  Now, I have never driven this guy so bare with me here.  You get a few abilities.  One is eating up the goo (which powers your other abilities up), another is slowing oozes and the last is an attack.  I will explain as we go along how you use these for the oozes.  You also have a bit of a stink to you, and you will cause a tick to the entire raid every 2 s.

Phase 1  (100-80%)
This is the second easiest phase and makes you practise the things you will need in Phase 2 (where the difficulty is stepped up).

The 2 slime puddles (as thrown around by the delightful prof) will increase in size and eventually take over the room if the OT doesn't gobble them up!  And as with all things, Don't Stand In The Goo (unless you are gobbling up the goo). All the time throughout the entire encounter, he will chuck out a couple of slime puddles at people.  Get out of them, don't stand in them.

Everyone is out of the goo, the first two puddles are down, and the OT is on top of the gobbling.  It is now time to start explaining the rinse and repeat factor of the fight.  Get this right, and you will have the fight pretty much sorted out (except for transitions, but I will explain that later)

Green Ooze
On the Right hand side as you are facing the table at the back of the room, after the Prof has had a crack at his unstable experiments (this guy will never learn! But it does give you 2.5s warning to get ready), green gas will spew out of that right hand side wall and a green ooze will appear.

As you can imagine, if Bad Things are happening on the Right Hand Side, chances are, you will need to be as far as way as pixelly possible.  And this is certainly no exception.  Drag the boss over to the far left hand corner.  Healers should be in that far left hand corner, melee on the boss but ready to run, and ranged as far over to the left hand side as they can be yet still be in the middle(ish).  Let me find a picture to show you.  Hmmmm.... None that are good.  Here let me draw something awful in MS paint!
Yep, that is truly awful, but it gets the point across.

So, that green woobly thing coming out of the oozes head? That is cast randomly on a raid member, and it freezes them in the spot.  You can still cast and hit things, but you cant move and you are taking damage.  Kill the ooze. Kill it dead as fast as you can.  Obviously the further you are away from the ooze the more time you have to kill it before it gets to the target and explodes.  Now, that damage is evenly distributed to everyone in range and knocks you all back some distance.  If not enough people are in range, then it might do enough damage to kill you!  for example if there are 2 people in range (the target and a martyr) then both will take 70000/2 = 35000 damage!  Ouch.  Splat. 3? 70000/3 = 23k each - almost survivable 4 people? 70k/4 = 18k which is probably survivable.  Obviously, the more people are there the less damage everyone takes.  But 4 really is the bare minimum you need to survive.

So, all the melee need to run to the ooze and sit with it and kill it dead (this should theoretically be more than 4 people!).  If the ooze makes it to the target, which is quite likely, then after it knocks everyone back, it will pick another target and do it all again.  Same deal!  Melee get to the ooze and stay with it.  Keep repeating this until the ooze dies.

Range, you should simply stay where you are and smash that ooze down FAST!

Assuming you do this right, then you will have time to DPS putricide and move into position for the Orange Ooze.

Locks and mages, yes you can teleport and blink to increase the distance between you and the green ooze.  I tried bubbling while ooze stunned, and the results have been unpredictable... the ooze sometimes runs around randomly, sometimes it rehomes... I wouldn't recommend it and save bubble for P3.

Orange Ooze
So, this time an orange ooze will appear from the left hand side of the room.  Here's a picture I prepared earlier:
OK so you can see where everyone needs to be.  You will also note that the ranged DPS really dont need to move much between oozes - which is kind of the point, to try to maximise DPS time on putricide before swapping to the ooze.

As with the green ooze, as soon as that ooze is able to take DPS you need to smashy-smashy and get it dead as fast as possible.  The person targetted by the orange ooze will feel fat and bloated and will not be able to run fast.  It is VITAL that the abomination slow that ooze as quickly as they can.  If that orange ooze touches its target, you will throw up so violently you might kill yourself.  So be careful, make sure you kite that add well and everything will be alright.

Yes, like the green ooze you can use your tricks like lock teleports and blink, just be careful of them and be sure you know where you will end up and where your ooze will go because of it.  As soon as the ooze is dead, prep for green ooze (by moving over) and DPS the Professor.

Phase 1 summary
Don't stand in green stuff (except if you are an abomination, in which case eat it to power your abilities)
For green ooze, go left, for orange go right and kite it around.

And that, kiddies, is phase 1.  Getting this right is pretty much the crux of the fight.  It really isnt that easy as it doesn't take much for one person to get it a bit stuffed up and then everything will go horribly horribly wrong.  Practise and don't give up hope!

Phase 2 transition
At about 82% you need to call out to slow DPS so that you can control when putricide is going to stun everyone with tear gas.  Why is this important to control?  Well, if everyone is stunned for 20s, and there is an add out, and the abomination JUST slowed it... how long does that slow last for?  The answer is "not long enough" and as soon as everything is UNstunned, it speeds its way over to the target killing it dead.  SO clear calls, if you are the abom, and you see putricide at 82ish % and a ooze about to spawn CALL OUT that DPS needs to halt, and the add needs to die before putricide hits 80%.

In other sneaky news, you can vanish and iceblock out of the stun effect and get some free DPS on putricide.  Now, you might be thinking "isnt that an exploit" well... it hasn't been hotfixed so I am putting it in the "creative use of game mechanics" category.

Phase 2 (80-35%)
This phase has everything phase 1 has plus two more things to look out for.
Periodically, the Prof will throw blobs of goo at you or in your general direction.  Simply get out of the way!  Now, this is a ranged attack and if there are not enough people out at range, then this will get thrown at someone in melee, with no time to dodge the blow!  This is a Bad Thing.  So please, make sure you have your ranged people at range, and melee in melee.  Now, these goo things bounce around, while it is possible to run underneath them, it certainly isnt wise to do so.  Strafing is your best option in this case.  One thing to watch out for?  If you are moving sides for goo, try not to run into the bouncing blob of goo.  I learned that one the hard way a couple of times *whistles innocently*

Now the melee people dont get off lightly either.  Professor Putricide will place horrible looking glowing orange bottles at his feet.  If you break these bottles, you will be exploded, and everyone around you will be exploded as well.  Clearly, you dont want this to happen (and this is the source of many wipes when you first start learning this fight), so the tank needs to be aware of this and move Putricide around so that melee can hurt him in *cough* safety.

Again, if you are being chased by ooze, or changing sides, be aware of the bottles on the floor and dont run into them while concentrating on health bars *whistles innocently*

So, Phase 2 is the same as phase 1 but with added "don't stand in the fire"s.

Phase 2 transition
As with phase 1 transition, when Putricide hits 40% be wary of when oozes are due and how many slime pools are up.  You want Putricide to hit 35% with no ooze and as few slime puddles as possible (more than 1 will make P3 really hard).

So control the fight kill that last ooze and clean up the puddles, and smash putricide to 35% triggering

Phase 3
At this point you all get teared again, and yes rogues and mages can get out of it if their abilities are not on CD.

Now we need 3 tanks.  As you will have noticed the slime puddles actually grow in size if not gobbled up.  Well, your "drink me" options are all gone now, you have no monster to clean up the mess, and those puddles are going to grow and grow and grow and yes, leave you all with no room (this is the soft enrage).

Try to tank putricide off to the side, as close to any already present goo piles as possible.  The raid needs to spread out a bit, and try to keep the slime puddles as close together as possible by staying near older ones.  And tanks just need to kite the boss around the room steering clear of trapping themselves in a corner with no escape route.

The tank will be getting stacks of the plague that putricide is carrying around with him.  As the tank gets more stacks, the raid will be copping more and more damage (its crazy healers!!).  Now here is a bit of crazy math for you.  As a tank gets more stacks, the increase in damage to the raid is HUUUUUGE.  So, 1 stack on 3 tanks is smaller raid damage than 3 stacks on one tank.  However, since rotating tanks that quickly is generally unfeasible and assumes you have evenly geared tanks, it is generally accepted that a tank take 3-4 stacks before changing.  Of course, this will depend on a great number of things, including how well geared your tanks are, how good your healers are and how fast your DPS is.

OK so your first tank has successfully kited around has 4 stacks of the debuff, it is time for the next tank.  Now, think about this, the first tank is still generating 4 stacks worth of raid damage, and now the second tank is copping that plus more stacks of their own, plus general boss damage.  As you can see, you want your best tank last, and your "worst" tank first.

Healers - here's a very important fact.  At no stage is it a good idea to let a tank die in phase 3.  Even if they are finished tanking.  As soon as a tank dies, and those debuffs drop off, Putricide will heal enough probably to cause you to wipe.  So, keep those tanks marked and topped up.

Oh yeah, did I mention that putricide also hits harder in phase 3? No? Well, I have now.

Tanks, its generally up to you in this phase, use your CDs wisely, kite intelligently (don't get stuck in a corner trapped by expanding slime piles) and don't die.

Raid, try to stand as close to a slime puddle as you can so get them to overlap as much as possible to free up as much space on the floor as you can.  Throw down a hero/BL and make putricide cry out in agony.  GO hard and win.

WHEW! That was a long time coming.  Hope it is still helpful to people out there!