Friday, March 12, 2010

Well, that was much harder than anticipated

Splurging that strat forward was a marathon and a half!

I am not really sure why it was so hard, possibly it was the last boss that my guild was working on before we died, so now that is written up, that really is a formal acknowledgment of that chapter of my wow career being gone.

That said, new guild is going well.  Apart from one thing.  I am suffering from "but you aren't them" syndrome.  But not in the way you would think.  I am not worried that this new guild is not like my guild.  That is fine, I am suffering from "We have only ever had one holy pally and he does things this way so why aren't you doing things this way?"

Um... because I am not them?

Mostly, I just don't have the gear their pally does. I am geared and (was) specced to be a utility OT healer.  I valued crit and int, I was specced into the ret tree for critty goodness.  And no matter what the people on EJ say about it, the spec is viable, it doesn't OOM as much as you might think and you can quickly switch your style mid raid if necessary.  I can FoL till the cows come home, almost literally with a bottomless well of mana.  I can HL for a good lengthy period of time because I have a huge mana pool from all the int.  This allows time for my crits to do their work (raid buffed I sit AROUND 70% crit). 

But one of the guild leaders is also the main tank - and he's nervous of my style.  He doesn't like "dipping" low (which is actually not at all an issue for him, he is just paranoid) and panic uses CDs.  So, to mollify him I have dual specced holy.  One into the ret tree, and one into the prot tree (taking imp dev aura as we have no prot pally).  Now, respeccing into the prot tree was something I was looking at for hardmodes (if we ever kill LK) but not really before that.

So I have dropped my lovely DPS spec in favour of trialing 2 specs side by side.  Hopefully next week I will have parses to look at on the same fights with differing specs.

I suspect that because I am not on top of the healing meters, he thinks I am doing something wrong.  *sigh*  When I manage to get ANY T10 that is useful, I am quite confident my healing output will increase.