Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hot tip for the cold top

Wanna know something awesome for the Lich King fight? 
In phase 3, with the val'kyr who wanna drop your mates off the edge of the cliff?  Yeah, those chicks always ALWAYS head for the closest edge.  Have a think about that for a moment.  Yes, that means you can control which direction they move, and instead of having them go off in seemingly random directions, if you stand stacked just off centre, you can get them moving predictably to the edge.  Which makes CC and DPSing them down a whole lot easier!

It also means that if you stack over there *points* then you can get them going that way which is not over the defile on the ground *turns 180 and points at the black goo on the ground*

No, I haven't killed LK - but I have spent a lot of gold on repairs wiping.

I also haven't yet been in on a Blood Queen kill, nor that green dragon and I finally got a putricide kill last Thursday.  I have 2 strats due to be written up (being putricide and council)