Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Healing as a Pally - The Frostwing Halls

Valithria Dreamwalker
Bacon the dragon
Kings the dragon
You should be going in the portals, so make sure you know what to do
Get into portal position early, use judgement or bacon upkeep/holy shock/FoL combo to keep casting and move into position
Holy Light all the way for this one, so change your gear/spec to maximise crits and Spell power of this spell (the buff means that MP5 is irrelevant)
Help out on raid healing when you can (glyph of HL will be obscene with lots of stacks later on in the fight), and keep an eye on Valithria - make sure bacon doesn't drop off.
Use LoH directly on Valithria when you have 25+ stacks (or when you are on your last healing phase)

Phase 1/1.5
Single tank at a time fight, so bacon the tank, heal the raid.
Dont get more than 6 stacks of the debuff (and heal yourself if you have to)

Phase 2
Be careful of tank transitions, ensure that you are precasting on the incoming tank to avoid early hard hits
Dont get more than 4 stacks of anything at a time
Don't die to the debuffs - yes that might mean letting someone else die, as long as it isnt a tank, then its a necessary thing to do