Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Webmaster is awesome

Even though my raiding guild has all but bitten the dust, I still have an alt as a GM and there are still a lot of old guildies that hang out on our forums.

So, it's april fools, and my webmaster contacts me on MSN:
 10:00:59 AM Webmaster: hey i really didn't have time to do it. but you might get a laff anyway.  i had a plan for april 1st this year to put a clickthrough page on [our front page] that portayed HoS as a FarmVille guild.
10:01:10 AM Brangwen: ahaha
10:01:33 AM Webmaster: come harvest with us on facebook, etc.
10:02:48 AM Brangwen: lol
10:02:51 AM Webmaster: i made notes about it in february. but ran out of time.
10:02:55 AM Brangwen: oh damn
10:02:59 AM Brangwen: that woulda been cool
10:03:06 AM Brangwen: woudld have freaked me out for sure
 So, with that small amount of encouragement, he wanders off and creates a front Farmville page anyway:
Thursday, 01 April 2010
Folks, it has recently become apparent that more of our members are spending time on Facebook, in fact, a lot of time on Facebook, more than playing WoW.
As a result, Harvesters of Sorrow is changing to a FarmVille guild.

Come join us, search for Harvesters after you log into FarmVille and send an officer a message for an invite.
Lets get those piggies squealing and work towards the biggest land grab FarmVille has ever seen.

Forum thread for discussion is here.
10:25:56 AM Webmaster: try the front page.
10:26:03 AM Webmaster: published it.
10:26:55 AM Branwen: LOL!
10:27:25 AM Webmaster: was going to put a link to a forum thread for discussion.
10:34:54 AM Webmaster: "hey Brang, have you unlocked the sheepdog trials yet? "
bit much perhaps... maybe i should delete it from shoutbox.
10:35:12 AM Brangwen: lol nah leave it haha
10:37:01 AM Webmaster: seany appears to be at the site atm too.
10:37:20 AM Brangwen: orly I guessed good then
Over the course of the next couple of hours, a few more guildies get wind of this prank, and being the awesome lovable people they are, generally BELIEVE IT in the forum thread:
Webmaster: As mentioned on the front page here, Harvesters goes Facebook, Harvesters of Sorrow has a new direction.

Brangwen: about time too
I know we have all been in the closet about this great game, now we can all come out and be proud.

Dunte: i dont want get addicted to an online game again! noooooooooooooooo!
Can you grow epics?

Seany: Most embarrassing front page story ever.
EDIT: Just realised what day it is. You got me!
« Last Edit: April 01, 2010, 01:18:21 PM by Seany »

Keaper: Oh thank fuck lolShocked

Hairyhippy: Read this after midday, so no fair in fooling me.

Webmaster:  Quote from: Hairyhippy on April 01, 2010, 02:52:00 PM
Read this after midday, so no fair in fooling me.

I was going to take it down after QLD midday. Got told to put it back.

Seany: It's too good to take down.

Gnoob: hahaha good work!
i read the post before the front page though =[
And myself and my awesome sauce webmaster continued to lol at our friends:
1:21:43 PM Webmaster: i should pull the joke now. after noon.
1:22:27 PM Webmaster: oh dear. we actually got seany.
1:22:59 PM Brangwen: LOL poor bastard
1:24:45 PM Brangwen: leave it for a sec - sic wants to look
1:24:46 PM Webmaster: ok, forum post is still there, article has "p.s. april fool" added to it and is no longer front page, but still reachable by the link.
1:25:49 PM Webmaster: it's still there.
1:25:59 PM Webmaster: just not front page
1:26:10 PM Brangwen: put it back up  seany is sad
1:26:46 PM Webmaster: ok, is back
1:30:59 PM Brangwen: YAY!
1:34:06 PM Webmaster: um, we got keaper too?
1:34:31 PM Webmaster: his forum post expressing relief.
1:39:56 PM Brangwen: yeah they are both guillable
Thanks guys, We still love HoS!