Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Healing as a Pally - The Crimson Hall

Blood Prince Council
Pop bacon on the purple balloon tank
Go hard early, as that balloon tank will be taking a fair whack of damage
Stand as close to the centre as you can, and get people to move away from you.
Heal the other two tanks evenly
Use fire aura and pop AM when the big ball of fire is cast
Keep the current target in mind and keep judgment of light up on it as best you can.

Blood-Queen Lana'thel
Phase 1
Get in melee range and get some mana back on your time with auto hits.
Bacon the blood mirrored off tank and heal the main tank
Make sure your raid frames show who has the bite buff, these guys dont need as much healing
Shadow aura

Phase 2
If you are human, get out of fear with your racial and bubble the second, otherwise bubble off the first fear and tremor totem the second
Get in position early and heal like crazy
Use AM to cover off the fear to position transition and try to ensure people have extra resistance if they get a bad fear