Friday, January 8, 2010

Prudent trash comments

Don't pull all the trash, ever, even if you think it is funny.
But apparently, we can pull all the trash in the abomination wing and not wipe, I guess that has to count for something.  *glares at gung ho tanks in guild*

There really is something to be said for a short run back to the pack!  If you die peoples, release and get your sorry arse BACK to the front line.  Nothing pisses me off more than people lying there waiting for a res.

In other news, lag is still awful.  Just as we got our sea legs with rotface, BAM! Lag.  I swear blizzard has it in for my guild... There is a loooooong history of
"YES! Next attempt, we got this, so hurry back guys and..."
Instance Restart in 15 minutes
dating back to SSC.

Also, I may have accidentally kinda sorta started going for my bloodsailor title on my rogue.  I MAY have stayed up till all hours of the night ganking and causing trouble in booty bay, and I may have had a fantastic time. 

Rogues are fun, ok!?