Thursday, January 7, 2010

LagCrown Citadel

It was so laggy last night on my server we tried Saurfang once and gave up and played in ToC25.

I am not very surprised, every new release the server is bogged down first raid night as everyone logs on to try out the new content.  Hopefully tonight will be more civilised and the new wing will be attempted by us and I can put up some prudent trash comments and report a couple of strat successes.

Speaking of strat successes, there have been a couple of good comments on the Saurfang strat and I have made a few changes accordingly (Where on earth did I get 3 adds from? *shakes head*) and a couple of comments on how to deal with a low DPS raid and still win.  Now, this is a valid solution to a problem, but I am not going to add that solution into the main strategy (I will, however point out that often the comments have great variations on the theme and tips and tricks for people to try out).  I am not adding it because I think that it is a bandaid solution to the real problem, which is getting your raid team up to scratch.  Having low DPS in a raid can be attributed to a few things: L2P, gear, boss familiarity, macros/binds/ui, people not being comfortable with their role in a strat, people not caring/low morale, being distracted RL.

Most of the time people think the issue is L2P, when I find it is the last two points that are the real issue.  Find out why your raid members are distracted, and get them motivated.  If they are having RL issues, the harsh reality is that you need to decide what you want from your raids and either work with them or replace them.