Monday, January 11, 2010

All that healing is making me thirsty

So, with a less than sparkly team, our sunday 10man advanced into ICC10, hoping for a shot at the professor.  But, due to circumstances both in and out of our control, festergut handed our arses to us on a silver platter.

But, I smelled a problem early on.  3 healers, and I, the holy pally, am putting out over 50% of the healing (inc guessed absorbs from the disc priest).  Yeah, the tank is taking a lot of damage, but BUH!?  I suspect that was where most of our issues lay.  But after me throwing off my headphones in anger at getting blamed for tanks dying and doing an entire attempt logged off of vent and no one noticed (yeah guys, I don't actually need to hear you complaining sometimes! but I very quickly noticed how lonely it was at the other end of a silent computer screen), we got ourselves sorted and tanks got CDs under control and priests got their oh shit moments sorted.  And yeah, Festergut hit the floor.

Festergut is a tank and healer check.  Kind of like patchwerk, but I found patchwerk to be a lot more forgiving on the tank healing, even when I was gear appropriate, because there was little to nothing else going on other than damage on the tanks.  With Festergut, that isn't true, there is some serious raid damage as well as nasty tank damage.

Me? I didn't have time to do anything except chain heal until I went oom (which, fortunately for me, was about the end of the fight, you can tell when I go oom, because tanks start dropping.  Kill attempt? Both tanks dead!).

Quick tips for Holy Pallies and mana management, NERD style.
1 - get a mana pool that simply doesn't fit in your pants.  This means stacking int.  My current goal is 40k 25raid buffed (I'm at almost 39k atm)
2 - get as much crit as you possibly can.  It's still a very effective way of regenning mana.  (If anyone is interested, I have numbers in a spreadsheet somewhere.)
3 - Haste haste haste... then some more haste.  Not so great for mana management, but 1.3s (or less with hero) Holy Lights are sexy as a sexy thing!
4 - Flasks of Mojo, MP5 or crit food and glyph seal of wisdom
5 - get seal of wisdom up, get into the bosses face and autohit the bastard! 1500 mana for a hit every so often? Yeah, that's totally worth it.
6 - DP + trinkets + wings = win ... do it around 70% mana if you can, or else, when there is a lull in healing.  It's 15s, so worst case, call out in vent for assistance on the tank for 15s.  Also, macro them together to save on clicky-clicky time.
7 - macro Divine Illumination to a healing spell.  Have it constantly on CD.  I have mine set to Holy light, so if the initial part of the fight is not too bad, I flash until the damage starts mounting up then HL and DI come up together once the shit starts hitting the fan.  And DI is used every CD after that.