Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's the Good Ship... ROCKETPACK!

So, somehow I have NEVER been over to the other ship.  Ever.  In all my times doing this damn fight, and I was waiting so I could sort that out to write this up properly. Seeing as my Hairy RL never sees fit for me to do anything but stand around on the main ship, I give up, and I am writing this up.

Shopping list
2-3 tanks
6ish Heals (who may get bored)
Rest DPS

Everyone get your rocketpacks and fly around on the ship for a bit.  Try not to fall off the edges, and Mages will try and make you by casting slow fall on you when you are near the edge.  At some point, your RL will crack the shits and start allocating everyone tasks:

Away Team
4 Melee on the cannons.  These guys blast away at the opposite ship and kill the axe throwers.  When the battle mage comes out, their cannons will freeze over.  So, they jet over and kill it, come back, rinse, repeat.  A good rule of thumb is to let your heat get to 90 and use your ability at that point.  NEVER let it get to 100 or your cannon (being good gnomish/goblin tech) will overheat and stop working.

A few Ranged on Axe throwers.  These guys need to keep the axe throwers under control so there isn't TOO much raid damage going out.  These guys shoot over with the melee and kill the battle mage.

1 tank to go over and tank the battle mage and to deal with Muradin/Saurfang.  Now this is a bit of a weird one.  The commander gets a stacking debuff everytime they hit something.  So, the tank is on a time limit.  Smash that battlemage down before the tank goes splat.  Moving the commander to the edge of the ship means that healers can target you from the home ship and dont need to worry about jumping over (see why I never get to go over now?).  Again, raiding 101 applies as the Commander has a cleave ability.

Home Team
1 group of people allocated to stay on the main ship.  1 tank a healer or two and some DPS.  These guys kill the aoe packs that come through the portal.  A pally is a good tank for this job.

Healers stand on the edge of the ship to get range on everyone.  If the away team is having issues, allocate a healer or two to the away team.

There will be rockets coming over blasting away at the home team.  They are not too hard to heal though, but I daresay that they will be lethal in hardmode.  Practise not standing in the pretty yellow patterns on the ground.

And that's it guys!  This feels very similar to the chess(t) event in Karazhan.