Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Deathbringer Saurfang

Some of the nicest RP I have seen in a Raid instance thus far is at the end of this fight.  It's worth watching, even if Jaina is a crying girl who can't decide who she is in love with more.

Saurfang the Younger is much more interesting a fight than gunship.  I am going to assume you know the mechanics of the fight and work on some strat to make the fight easier.

EDIT: A few people in the comments pointed out I am a dickhead, and screwed up the number of adds.  I am editing to fix that up.  There are also a couple of comments in the comments section with some advice on how to deal with this fight if your raid DPS is lacking.  Personally and for my guild, if your raid DPS is lacking as a guild you have bigger problems about to face you than killing Saurfang.  I would be working on Project DPS.

Shopping list
2-3 tanks (this can be 2 tanked if you need the DPS)
5 healers
As much ranged as you can bring and keep raid balance and the team fair.

Positioning in this fight is really important.  You need to be 12 yards apart, yet still in range of the healers.  This can work if people arc around in a semi circle.  So start by setting this up before you start the event.

First, position the healers in packs of 2, 2 and 1; left, right and middle.  They should be at the base of the stairs.

Spread the ranged out, 12 yards apart in the rest of the space.  Ensure that the healers still have range on everyone (this becomes really important later on).

Next pick 5 kiters (one for each add that springs up).  No one can get hit by those adds, ever.  So those kiters better be good.  Give them some backup CCers (frost traps, frost bolts, stuns etc).  Oh and CCers? Dont stun/freeze the adds ON TOP of the healers, or the adds will turn around and snap the nearest thing.  Bad bad bad idea.

Melee all get to hang out on the top steps and smash on Saurfang the Younger.

Tanks, be up there and have yourselves a taunt rotation all ready to go.

OK Ready and waiting!
Start the event.  There will be a bit of RP as Saurfang flexes his muscles and tries to show off his OPness.

Eventually, Saurfang gets bored and starts attacking.  He will get tanked by your first tank until that tank gets a Rune of Blood put on them.  As soon as this happens, the next tank in the rotation has to be ready to taunt so that minimal blood power is generated.

Blood WHAT now?
Yeah, it's kind of like runic power, but so much more annoying.  The idea of this fight is to keep that blood power as low as possible.  The more blood power he has, the more he can generate.  You can go look up the mechanics of how it works on other sites.  Just remember, that your goal is to minimise blood power at all costs.  You do this by not taking damage that is not 100% unavoidable or calculated into the strat (ie healer stacks). 

So, why do we need to be spread out?
Because of this.  This also increases his blood power the more people it hits.  So, spreading out is a Good Thing.

Ok so you are trundling along, everyone is happily spread out, your tanks are taunting correctly and Saurfang is getting minimal blood power.  Suddenly your favourite Boss Mod is blaring in your face ADDS IN 5s!!

5 adds are going to spawn, to the left, to the right and behind Saurfang.  Now, melee, melee, melee... of course you all stopped your AoE attacks so that you had nothing up when the adds spawned, didn't you?  Cos if even ONE of you is cleaving, Consecrating or mauling (YES including you lot tanks, this includes you) those adds are going to turn around and start hitting you.  This is a bad thing

Assuming your melee haven't pulled aggro, your healers may have.  This is ok, it means the adds will head out toward them.  Kiters need to get that add's attention lickety split.  Everyone allocated to that add, needs to swap over, and start smashing it down without getting hit.  I cannot stress how important that is.  Kite the buggers around.  Slow them.  Stun them.  Trap them.  Do everything in your power to kill them, but whatever you do, don't get hit.

This is probably the hardest part of the fight - Managing the adds correctly.  It might take a bit of practise to get right with your raid group, but if you can do Deathwhisper, you can do this.

Rinse, repeat!
And that's 99% of the fight.  Everyone goes back onto Saurfang.  Tanks taunt, kiters kite, DPS kill and no one gets hit unless they are meant to.

The last 1%
This is for the healers.  The tanks are not going to be taking a lot of damage on the whole to start with, but it quickly ramps up as he gains that blood power, and especially when the Mark goes out after he hits 100 BP.  There is one thing you have to watch out for, and that is healer cycle synching.  Break this by allocating each healer a group to heal if you need to, and making sure that you have allocated a healer to deal with the first second and third marks (Paladins with Bacon are ideal for this job).  The thing you really need to remember, is that if a player with the mark on them dies, Saurfang heals 5%.  Do NOT under any circumstances let a marked player die.  Apart from that, its business as usual for you guys.  Plant your feet and make sure you have enough reserves for the craziness that is the last 30%!

We keep wiping?
Who is giving Saurfang BP?
Is the first mark going out before 50%?
Are the adds taking swipes at anyone?
Are the adds taking too long to kill?
Are the tanks not taunting fast enough with the debuff?
Is everyone spread out enough?
Are the healers getting overwhelmed toward the end?