Monday, December 14, 2009

Trash Tip for Icecrown

I am sure everyone has gone into the trash and wondered how on EARTH you pull all that initial trash without wiping?  "OMG WE PULLED THE BIG GUYS!! TANK 'EM, TANK 'EM!" *wipe*

There is a way!

You need a rogue.  Send your rogue in stealthed and somewhere in a random location in the room with the big bone giants there will be traps that can be disarmed.  It looks like a pool in the ground with water in it.  Be VERY careful as the range for the trap is apparently quite large.  Simply sneak up to the trap, and disarm it.  There is one for each bone giant statue.

If you don't have a rouge, it might be worth everyone heading out somewhere safe, and a hunter using their pet to set the traps off so you can at least pull the giants at your convenience, not theirs.