Friday, December 11, 2009

Lord Marrowgar

Lord Marrowgar looks awesome.  Totally awesome.  If it weren't such an easy fight (although I really have hopes for hardmode based on the mechanics) I'd be happy as a pig in poo.

Let's start with the shopping list:

3 Tanks
6 healers
rest DPS.

So, Buff and Pull!
Marrowgar has a big hitty stick and with it he will lash out at 3 targets in front of him.  But you will be safe, because you have 3 tanks!  Make sure that Raiding 101 is observed at all times (don't stand in front of the boss).  This is not as easy as you might think, as you will find out later on. 

Spread out version
Everyone else, spread out evenly around the room behind the boss and start doing your job.

DPS will need to be careful, as it seems this bone giant cannot be taunted!  Also, another gotcha, is his hitbox is HUGE and you might get caught out, ranged, so stay as far away from him as you possibly can.

Now Marrowgar will target someone and shoot out a coldflame which will charge at you at "the speed of stench".  Just, move out of the way, with grace and timing.

Stack version
There is another very valid strat which we have switched to using for phase 1.  Everyone, except hunters, stacks under (but behind) the boss.  This means that coldflame will spawn behind 90% of the raid.  Hunters, of course, need to be at range, but they should be as close as they can to the pack.

There are a couple of advantages to this stack version.  The first is that you don't have to worry so much about people standing in fires.  The second is that the boned people are all together, and it is very easy to switch targets to free them.

Marrowgar will stab 3 people with a bone, because he feels like it.  All DPS need to swap targets and kill the spike to free the player.  Healers need to keep the player alive. Get them out ASAP and you might get a shiny achievement at the end!

Lord Marrowgar falls apart and his bones begin to spin!
Every so often, Marrowgar turns into a spinny whirlwind of death and starts chasing the hapless around the room, doing damage to everyone in range.  Now, stick to the walls, dodge the coldflames that will continue to come (but from odd angles) and do your best not to get trapped in a wall nook or cornered by coldflame.  If you remember Leo the Blind in SSC, this is a good time to dredge that out of your brain.  The mechanics are the same, but less lethal here.  So spread out, don't stand in fire.

After about 20s Marrowgar will stop spinning, but he is now keeping his aggro table.  So any threat generated by DPSing during the spinning phase could haunt you on the back end.  Tanks, be ready to taunt (as marrowgar is now tauntable) and you need to MD/tricks or just plain hit him if you are a tank to rebuild threat. 

Also, be careful and mindful of which way marrowgar is facing.  Because if you are in front of him, and not a tank, you could cop that lash to the face and go down like the proverbial sack.

That's it - rinse and repeat until he becomes death warmed up.  Good Luck!