Thursday, December 10, 2009

ICE CROWN! And Deathwhisper quick tips

Finally, Icecrown is out.
And I will have strats up for the first 4 bosses in the next couple of days.  I think that the longest one is going to be Lady Deathwhisper as that seems to be the one where most things can go wrong which are difficult to recover from.  There are also some very particular ways of dealing with the adds in order to not have them ROFLPWN EVERYTHING IN SIGHT when they first arrive.  I vaguely remember what we ended up doing, but I am going to confer with my badger for exacting details.  I was too busy manically trying to heal 3 very spread out  tanks taking a metric butt ton of damage, and avoiding standing in green good on the floor. 

But I do have a couple of quick tips for Deathwhisper - Be careful of poles, stairs, stupid little lips on the ground and LoS issues, don't pull aggro (really hard) as there are many aggro dumps, and use the full switch strat; all DPS on adds, then all on boss, all on adds, all on boss.  You can kill her if you burn down that mana shield with about 2-3 mins to spare (14million health with no other adds to bother you is much faster than the 14 million mana you have to get through WITH adds).  Physical damage FTW on this one...

The gunship battle seems to be the new "Chess event" except now with added jetpacks and lol deriving from people jetpacking themselves over the edge and into oblivion.