Thursday, December 3, 2009

On not being a prolific blogger

I assume that most people will be reading this through an RSS feeder of some kind.  Therefore, my blog is pretty utilitarian, not heavy on the pictures, but hopefully, also not difficult to navigate.  A few people have given me hints and tips on how to make it better and I have gratefully taken their advice.

I also don't blog as often as some, and occasionally I put in a little update post (like this one) to let you know I am still working on content, and I am still alive (but sometimes I wonder).  I am also interested in any topics you might have me cover with regards running, maintaining and developing guilds and online communities.  I like to think I am reasonably experienced at it and would love to share my knowledge with you all.  But... I don't know what you don't know!

So, if you want to pick my brains about things, drop me a comment here! And I will do my best to give you a well reasoned and researched answer.