Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lady Deathwhisper

This is probably the hardest fight in the first wing.  It requires co-ordination, control and people being careful.  It is a bit like Yoggy in its trash requirements (add spawn, tank add, kill add).

Deathwhisper comes in 2 phases, the add phase where you need to DPS down her 14Million mana shield while not getting ROFLPWNED by adds enraging and smearing you all over the floor.

OK so you will need the following:
3 tanks
5-6 healers
8 ranged
8 melee

Phase 1 - mana shield and adds
Start by engaging Deathwhisper and everyone in position for adds.  She will cast her shield, and you measure how strong the shield is by her mana.

Yep, adds will come out from the sides.  Split your DPS evenly Left and Right (you may need to jiggle this around a bit based on how well your DPS does), and also healers, Left and right.  Leave 1 or 2 DPSers on the boss to help burn her down faster.  Tanks will need one left, one right and one "loose" to pick up the reanimated adds and tank them somewhere else.  All DPS needs to move onto the adds and kill them as fast as possible.  Herein lies some issues:

1) Aggro.  It is really easy to pull aggro off the tanks.  So, be mindful of your threat, get MD/tricks up asap on the kill target.  Makes sure you have a clear kill order marked and everyone focus fires down the adds one at a time.

2) Line of Sight issues.  The adds are up some stairs and there are low lying blobs on the ground.  Tanks, this can mean that your healers are standing there wondering why they cant heal you.  Just try to be careful and talk to your healers about tanking position.

3) Dark Empowerment and Adherant's Shroud. Makes the add non interruptable, and a priority kill target. They get a pretty bubble which makes it clear which one is now the kill target.  RL or tank needs to readjust the kill order accordingly. Be careful not to explode yourself if you are on a shrouded adherant.

4) Reanimateds.  Once you kill an add it can be reanimated and you have to kill it again but with a twist...

Reanimated Adherants
These are the adds that cannot be hurt by magic.  These are for your physically based DPSers.  

Reanimated Fanatics
These guys cant be touched "physically" so all your magic based DPSers need to swap to that target asap.

5) raiding 101 - don't stand in front of mobs, kick/interrupt each and every spell you can, purge/decurse everything on your team mates, don't stand in the green fires, focus fire down the current kill target, quick switches to mobs when you need to.

6) Mind control - make sure you are ready with CC to stop your own team running rampant and oneshotting others in your team.  And guys? Don't kill the MCed dudes, no matter how much you hate them!

7) DECURSE!  That 15s CD is a bitch and can cause wipes.  Keep on top of the decursing, especially for healers. 

There is a priority to killing the adds
Ranged DPS priority - Fanatics, Reanimated/Deformed Fanatics
Melee/Physical DPS priority - Fanatics(to free up ranged quicker), Empowered/Reanimated Adherants, Adherants

Once your adds are down, you switch to the boss and smash her mana shield.

Phase 2 - But we only have 2 mins left?
So you kept the adds under control, most of your raid is still alive and after 8ish minutes you burned through the mana shield.  The trick here is when you get her mana to about 5% start calling out the amount.  What you ideally want to do is have the last wave of adds dealt with and her shield to go down when you are almost under control with them.

Tanks, you will be getting a debuff that reduces your threat.  After 2 stacks, taunt off the current tank and continue to buuuuurn.  Move her into a good safe spot, clear of LoS issues and with a bit of room to move around.

There is something for melee do to - more interrupting (we know you didn't get enough in P1, so now there is more).  Deathwhisper will frostbolt.  Set up an interrupt rotation and keep vent clear for calls.

Oh and keep CCing the MCed people asap.  Again, don't kill them, no matter how much they piss you off!

After that, it is just tank and spank.  Believe me, that 14million HP go down so much faster than the 14million mana shield points!  2 mins is plenty of time if your team is TOC geared.  Again, don't stand in the green fire and watch out for ghosts wailing on you.

If you get to this point with most of your raid alive, you should be able to collect Phat Lewtz!

OH NOES We keep wiping!!
Are your add targets clearly marked?
Are DPS focus firing the correct adds?
Are people decursing?
Are the MCs getting CCed fast enough?
Are the reanimated running rampant through the raid?
Are you simply short on DPS?
Are there any LoS issues?
Are the tanks holding aggro sufficiently?
Are DPS swapping targets fast enough?
Are melee in position early to DPS the adds?
Are people standing in front of adds?
Are people standing in the green goo?
Are tanks getting out of range of healers?
Are people just plain confused and not owning up?

Deathwhisper is a bit of a gear check, but mostly it is a coordination check.  It's chaos in there!  Don't lose your head.  Mark everything up, and make clear concise calls over vent.  This one is all about following orders.  Good Luck!