Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Deathwhisper updated

I made a few changes and additions to the deathwhisper strat as I remembered bits and pieces I left out of the original one I wrote that got lost. *sigh* The first one was a lot better, at least, in my mind it is!

I should be able to waffle my way through the gunship battle today (JETPACKS!), and once I am over sulking from missing a great run on Monday (the Parrot mod had a massive memory leak in it that broke me for the night), apparently BadgerBoy has a shiny new strat that he is very proud of that I need to get up to speed on. 

An easy, fast oneshot does mean it has merit... right?

I also have some more things to write in the furthering adventures of a Guild Leader, after some issues with (now ex) members last week.  As much as I hate to say it, I think things worked out for the best, and I had to make some back up some decisions about where and what the guild was before answering some direct questions to me.