Tuesday, September 15, 2009

HToC Northern beasts

I am slowly putting together some notes for this fight, but due to server/client bugs we have had a lot of DCs and are not going in all guns blazing. Generally we have up to 5 people disconnect on gormock. There are a couple of reasons for this, the main one is anyone using smoothping/wowtunnels/anything similar will be dropping packets. Get them to turn off their tunnels and deal with having a higher ping. It's better than DCing.

Hopefully tonight a few fixes will be implemented (as there is also 100% a bug that DCs people regardless of the tunnel thing) and tomorrow we will have a dead beasts and I will have some notes on how we killed them.

The most useful things I have so far is:
Warrior tanks are squishy; double bacon them
6 healers is plenty (but be prepared to go hard and ride OoM)
Green goo is a wipe mechanic, spread out!
It is possible to kill gormock, with no hero and with 22 players, ahead of the timer.

My guild is probably exactly geared to make this encounter hard (we were not farming hardmodes in ulduar, but we did kill them so we had some extra gear going out) but just killable. It was a refreshing challenge, and I think I honestly would have preferred to have it available from the start. Gatekeeping the content the way they did was an admission of the difficulty level. Normal ToC is too easy, and HToC (for us) is just right.

We are taking some time off Ulduar. We will go back and finish off the hardmodes, but probably not any time soon. There really is not a lot of incentive to do it!


Hairyhippy said...

Your tanks are made of squishy fail.

NonElitistRaider said...

Yes you are.
Monday will see whether or not fail is as fail can be...

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