Friday, October 2, 2009

Radio Silence

Yeah, there has been a bit of radio silence, as my guild has been battling the huge fight of ambivalence and boredom of ToC. So all my energy has gone into a guild restructure and rebuild (I will post about what I did and how successful it was in the coming weeks)

But, part of that rebuild has been looking for a raiding alliance with another guild. I am pleased to say that in our first organised run together we defeated heroic northrend beasts and got jaraxxus to 27%. Monday will see us running again together and I am confident jaraxxus will fall and faction champions will have a good going over. This has definately inspired people to raid, and also inspired recruitment. But more on that later.

I will post up the HNB strat sometime in the next few days (perhaps after lunch depending on how crazy work politics turns out). But I was worried for a while there that I would not have a guild to continue this blog with. It seems I am a better GL than I sometimes give myself credit for, and I have some great people surrounding me and supporting me.


Gravity said...

Enjoy the brief sabbatical from blogging :) I appreciate your guides, thanks for keeping them going when you do get back from restructuring.

NonElitistRaider said...

I am halfway through a heroic northrend beasts (which I persist in calling NORTHERN beasts - I so fail) post at the moment. Should be back on track very soon!!

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