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Anub'arak is a fun fight. I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed Faction champions. It is similar to the 5 man version (Anub has to burrow and he likes to stab you with spikey things that hurt) but in the colloseum you have a bit more control over things.

So here is the scoop:

Shopping list
3 tanks (1 MT 2 OT)
6-7 healers
a good mix of ranged and melee DPS

Let's pull already!
Your MT gets the usual MD/taunt/whatever to pull Anub. Tank him in the middle. Anub is a bit of a cold hearted bitch and will try to freeze random raid members. Make sure you have a frost resist aura up, and the healers are ready to keep that member up and active. At some point 2 more smaller bugs will come out, get your OTs to pick one up each.

More bugs?
These two bugs are a bit interesting. Try to keep these guys at least 12 yards apart from each other, or they will hit harder. With 2 offtanks, this should not be too hard to achieve. They also stab your tanks hard so healers have to watch out for that. Tank one away from anub and the current DPS target ON anub to take advantage of AoE effects. When one dies, bring the other one in. They will try to burrow into the ground (not interruptable) and if they do, they get an aggro wipe and rehealed to full. This is a Bad Thing(tm). There are 2 ways to stop the burrowing, DPS them really hard and kill them before they try or tank them on some permafrost.

So, where does the permafrost come from?
Look up. See the floating orby things? Yeah, them. Get a few ranged allocated to killing them (they don't have a lot of hit points) and try to get a good smattering of permafrost over the ground. When a bug tries to burrow, they hit their heads on the permafrost (ow) and the permafrost despawns. So, you have to move your bug (and Anub) to another permafrost spot.

Now, you don't want too much permafrost, or it will slow the raid down, but you also don't want too little because...

What just happened? Anub went underground... ON PERMAFROST??
Ok, you just hit phase 2. Grats! Anub just went underground and should now be casting the evil eye on a raid member. Now we shall see if your ranged on the orbs did a good job. All raid members should be keeping a blob of permafrost between themselves and Anub at all times (of course, as you get more experienced at this, you wont need to be so worried about it). Anub will chase their target, shooting big owie spikes into the air as they make a bee line for the target. There are 3 ways Anub will change targets; one is that the target runs around like a dickhead and manages to avoid anub for 7s; another is the target is a scrub and gets impaled and dies; the best way is to lead Anub into the permafrost. The spikes stop IN THE PERMAFROST (ie if you are standing ON the permafrost, you will probably get impaled and die, so stand back keep the frost between you and Anub), Anub is stunned for a moment, shakes his head and chases someone else. If you are running out of permafrost, DPS some more down.

WHAT? More bugs!
Yep, more bugs. These little critters are easy to kill, but have nasty debuffs. Your MT needs to stay the hell away from them because they stack a poison that lasts a minute. Get your OTs or anyone in plate to have a crack at tanking them (I tank them as Holy, its not a massive deal) Healers need to stay on top of people with the debuff and keep them alive. Sometimes the bugs speed up and heal themselves, but meh, you just have to deal with that.

Ok, Anub is back, now what?
Rinse and repeat people! Keep up hard DPS on anub and smash him as quickly as you can to 30%

We are at 31% what happens at 30%
This is where things get fun.
This is now a DPS race - where your DPS has to beat the healing that Anub is gaining. Yep, Anub is cheating, but it is a very interesting cheat.

Note that the ability says current health. What happens is these bugs will drain 10% of your current health and transfer it to Anub, so not only is Anub healing for that amount, but you are also losing health. Make sense? No? OK I have 20k health.
os - 20,000
1s - 18,000 (20-2)
2s - 16,200 (18-1.8)
3s - 14,850 (16-1.62)
4s - 13,122 (14-1.4)

Can you see how each time you lose less health? That means anub gains less too.

So, now, I bet you can see what is coming, I am sure. Healers, time to shine! Keep your MT at full health, but only the MT. In order to minimise the amount of healing Anub is getting, you need to keep the entire raid at the lowest health you can keep them without them dying. Obviously 0 is not helpful, but we found keeping the raid at about 20% was alright and not too hard to achieve. So, small heals, keep JoL up on anub and that should pretty much keep the melee sorted out. Bubbles are made of win, so go nuts disc priests!

That's the majority of it. I will update this as Hairy beats me with a stick about things I have missed (I was too busy running and healing and running and I have not done this as ret yet for another perspective)


Guest said...

Good post.
I don't like tihs jskit for posting though. Made it too hard

NonElitistRaider said...

Really? What was hard about it? I am not tied to it, Im kind of trying to find one that is easy and threaded - so suggestions welcome :D

Guest said...

I like your site, I just found it. I like your shopping lists and the easy to read break down. Keep up the good work. And if you ever want to roll a moonkin visit Graylo's Blog http://graymatterwow.blogspot.com/or mine http://handofgargen.blogspot.com/ Kepp up the good work
~Gargen of US-Vek'nilash

NonElitistRaider said...

Cheers dude! I am very tied to my pally, but I will look the blogs up anyways! More blogging is always good.

NonElitistRaider said...

Cheers dude! I am very tied to my pally, but I will look the blogs up anyways! More blogging is always good.

Hairyhippy said...

Haha Brang as a doomchicken? Can't see it sorry.

I was a bit late in posting any comments on this (mainly cause I was sick too :( HoS bug goin round).

Pretty much, my understand of this fight is as follows:
1. Anub has frontal cleave, so MT face him away from raid or else SPLAT
2. 2 Nerubian Burrowers spawn at a time in P1 normal (4 spawn on heroic)
3. Tank both these adds on top of boss AND on top of permafrost always. Don't be too bothered with splitting them up, as you have 1 tank from each add, so although their dmg may be increased, the dmg is split over 2 tanks...so don't stress
4. Melee stay dps on boss just just use incidental aoe (FoK, D&D, whirlwind etc. to assist on adds).
5. You only need 1-2 ranged dps to take down permafrost (the orbs have like 9k health)
6. (This is actually new stuff that brang doenst know :p ) Right b4 P2, move Anub away from the raid and the permafrost. This way, your raid doesnt have to scramble straight away = more dps.
7. Kite his spikes to patches of permafrost. The longer the kite, the faster he gets. Once he tries to PENETRATE (lurve that word in raiding context) permafrost, he will get stunned and will switch targets.
8. Don't stand on permafrost. Move around it as mobility = win
9. P2 adds have random agro (they spawn with 30k threat on a random target). In order to help with dps on these adds, the raid should attempt to stay relatively stacked in P2 to make the adds gravitate the raid and stop people running around like dicks trying to single dps the adds.
10. Use of a good healing mod and smart thresholding (30-40% alert level) could be pretty cool for healing P3.
11. WIN!

NonElitistRaider said...


*pant pant pant*

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