Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I listen to "Blue Plz" as ranted by the wow gamer TotalBiscuit. On his most recent podcast, he made no bones about the fact that buffd.net were paying him to promote their site. So, I figured I would check it out.

Basically, it is very similar to digg in that it ranks posts by "popularity" and is a central point of reference for the scattered community that is the blogosphere. Buffd, however, is for World of Warcraft webpages. So I figured it was time to try to get some more traffic through my site, so I added "Buffd" tags to all my posts.

Please, if you like what I write, or you like a post, Buff it!

All you need to do is click the colourful picture thingy to the right there. I am hoping that my strategy writeups will get popular with all you people out there who look at any of those other strategy sites and get just as confused as I am, especially when they miss out REALLY important details that stop you from dying in a fire. I know I do a hell of a lot of research and pull information from all over the net and test it on my unsuspecting guild so I can collate it here in what I hope is some kind of rational and helpful way (unlike those last two sentences!). But more importantly, I hope that it is readable and understandable to all of us who are not already looking at drakes and algalon kills!

Here's to more traffic!

Good luck out there with all your raiding, and remember - us non elitists are the silent majority, the ones most of the way through ulduar or looking at their first hard mode. We are the player base. And you are the ones I am talking to.