Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Holy Pally's in 3.2

Everyone should wander over to Siha's blog and have a look at her latest posts on holy pallyness. Seems she has ironed out the bugs in her website and is back to posting again.

Tonight, I plan on getting WWS for my healing and doing some number crunching myself to see what could possibly be the changes for me and my gear. I have a sneaking suspicion that int and crit stacking will still be viable, and I am prepping a spreadsheet to see what the numbers say.

But mostly, I just wanted to pimp the blog of one of my "other" guilds Guild Leader. Go Siha! Welcome back to the blogosphere :)


Macbook said...

I recommend having the best enchants/gems on your current gear if you are applying to any sort of semi-serious raiding guild.

Big pet peeve of mine is to see casters without SoH rep or crappy enchants (especially on T7.5 or above gear).


NonElitistRaider said...

OH! I wonder if you posted this on the wrong blog entry, but yes, I forget that bit - Rep/enchants and gemming.

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