Wednesday, July 29, 2009

10 steps to a successful guild application

In my time, I have seen hundreds of applications to my and other guilds. Some have blown me away they were so good, and some were so poor I dismissed the application without even talking to the guy. If you are looking to join a new guild for any purpose, here are some pretty sure fire ways to get your application looked at and perhaps an interview or a trial!

1. Read the guild's website and learn who they are. Find out as much as you can about their progression and raiding requirements. Find out who the officers are and everything about their guild. Read their entire site and understand their rules. Make sure that you are comfortable with the way the guild is structured and run and you would be happy there.

2. Try and talk to guild members or an officer before you apply or get into a PUG with them. Find out what they are like and get your name familiar with them - and make a favourable impression. Nothing speaks wonders for an app than when a current guild member says "Hey, yeah, that dude was in my PUG and they were pretty good"

3. Really read the application template/How to apply instructions. Follow them to the letter. One of the things we do is test if you are capable of following instructions without being stupid or annoying or even if you care enough to get in. Following instructions is very important in raiding. If you can't follow the instructions on how to apply, we pretty much tell you to go away.

4. Read other applications to the guild if you can see them. Read how the guild members reacted to different applications. Why did that application get trolled then locked, yet that other application get a serious response? What is this guild looking for in a guild member?

5. Sell yourself! Put some spark in your application and put a good deal of yourself in it. If you are a "serious raider" then make sure your application reflects that. If you are serious but like a joke and enjoy the Friday night drunken Current-Tier-minus-1 alt run, make sure you pop that in there too. Try to make your application stand out from the crowd somehow. Judicious use of screenshots can do wonders. Never skip a question, and never use N/A - every question on the template is there for a reason.

6. Write your application in a word processing application then cut and paste it. Having to rewrite an application in a web browser because your cookie session timed out makes your second attempt at the application much more terrible, and we can tell reading it.

7. Use correct grammar and take advantage of formatting. Make your application clear and visually easy to read. Most forums have a preview button; make liberal use of it. And please, for the love of whatever you hold dear to you, write in complete sentences with full words! Do not write your application in the same short cut typing you use for guild chat or trade chat. *shudder*

8. If you are applying to more than one guild at a time, state that upfront. If that offends the guild you are applying to, that is their choice. Be honest, and be clear about your intentions.

9. Don't slag off any previous guilds you have been in, it just makes you look pathetic. If you had differences with previous guilds and left unhappily, be objective and factual about your reasons for leaving. Don't say "They were all horrible, and the guild leader was a $#!thead and I told him that so he kicked me". Instead, say "My previous guild leader and I did not get along and it was thought better for all involved if I went my own way". I trust you can see why the second sentence is a better one.

10. Get a friend to proof read your application. I am sure if you really are serious, a friend will vet your application and tell you what needs improving, what doesn't make sense or if you are being douchey at all.

If you even do half of these things, I can guarantee that your application will stand out from the crowd and get a serious response, even if you are lacking in gear, or experience. However, if you have done your research, you should be applying to a guild where you are not behind the 8 ball in the first place.

Good luck! There are lots of guilds out there looking for players just like you.