Thursday, May 7, 2009

Moving toward Thorim Hard Mode

Once you master the list below it is time to start looking at ways to maximise DPS time. And this is the part where we talk about toasty fires.

Toasty fires appear randomly around the room. If you stand near them you can do a few cool things. First, you don't need to move because toasty fires stave off the cold! BIG bonus for us healing types. Second, ranged DPS will gain a buff (not sure of the name) which puts a DEbuff on the boss called "scorch". This stacks per person (like Malygos) and the more stacks you have the larger your hits are. Our mage was exclaiming last night that 47k hits just weren't normal.

We shaved a minute off our previous kill time simply by yelling a bit about the toasty fires. I can see this time dropping with every kill as we get the hang of standing near fires, standing in light wells and getting the sparky debuff and getting that slick and combined.