Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hodir Normal

Hodir has a few tricks, but mostly this is a noob check. You will quickly find out who is a fire/ice stander and who isn't, also who is capable of multitasking (ie moving looking at stuff and still do good heals/DPS).

This really is a fight of every individual getting it right. So here are a list of tips:

  • Standing in the light wells is pro.
  • Getting the elecricity buff is pro (ranged who get it run to melee as the buff spreads to those in range)
  • Ranged get the adds out - mages first, they make toasty fires!
  • Melee stay on the boss and stay alive.
  • DONT EVER STAND STILL!!! (the debuff is removed one tick at a time, you might not be moving enough).
  • Don't stand in blue runes, stop everything and get out.
  • Run up the hills after they have been created or you might be stuck under them.
  • Dispel any people frozen in place.
  • Heal like crazy.
  • Have a tank in frost resist gear.
  • Pally aura mastery at the right time is very helpful - Generally at the frozen blows moment.
  • Standing next to toasty fires is made of win.
  • If you get the electricity debuff, we find it helpful to move into melee to boost their DPS.

Chances are you will run close to the enrage timer. Getting the buffs to the melee and standing in light wells is really important - they increase DPS tremendously, but the thing that increases your DPS the most is the hardest thing of all initially to get right: Staying Alive.