Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Accidentally HIS ENTIRE BODY!

Yes, we accidentally the Kologarn hard mode achievement!

Kologarn 10man over the weekend was accidentally done with the hard mode. How was this managed? Pretty easy actually - easier than you would think.

While you are downing the right arm, make sure there is a goodly dose of AoE going on and splash damage onto the left arm accumulates. When you are ready, and the left arm is at about 10% or less, smash the right arm, then smash the left arm, ensuring that smashing the left arm kills Kologarn. Collect your Hard Mode achievement which isn't actually very hard. I suspect that this will get changed soon so that it wont apply.

I suspect this method will work in 25man as well with a bit more management, perhaps save a heroism for it.