Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mimiron - Healing strat focus

Mimiron comes in 4 phases as you know. He drives legs, body, head, and then Voltron.

I am going to talk about healing strat here, because there are plenty of resrouces about the technicalities of the fight and tanking it but I found next to nothing about healing it. And healing this fight is the key to winning - trust me when I say this. We are currently taking 8 healers (we have one DPS dual spec to help on this).

Legs: We split into 4 groups, one in the left third (G3, ranged DPS, 1 Raid healer, 1 MT healer), one in the right third (G4, ranged DPS, 1 Raid healer, 1 MT healer), one in the back third (G5, ranged DPS, 1 Raid healer, 1 MT healer), and one melee (Gs 1 and 2, one MT and one raid healer). Total - 4 MT healers, 4 raid healers (one of each in each "group"). "oh shit" order allocated for the punches ie GS, pain suppression and as a last resort, Hand of Sanc. Try not to use hand of sanc as there is enough pressure on healers as it is let alone spreading damage further around. It also leaves the pally at risk of sudden death if they get a random damage target. Raid healers were marked. It was DPS's responsibility to be in range of their healer in their section. Everyone should be alive at the end of this phase. Conserve as much mana as possible.

Body: This is where it is balls to the walls guys. Stay in your allocated areas. Again, L, R, B and Melee focussing on their groups, but now the MT healers are helping out as much as possible as well in their allocated group. There is no other way to describe this other than, HEAL AS HARD AND AS FAST AS YOU CAN, keep your group alive as a priority. Everyone needs to move out of the rocket target or you die (that's seen as a red thing on your feet). You need to run away from the lurker style retard check, See Washing Machine strat for more details there. This is when it is most likely people will die, but there is not alot you can do about it. The trick to this phase is to spot heal as much as possible, and try to keep the ranged loosely grouped together to assist with AoE healing. Shammies really shine in this phase.

Head: You will mostly be oom at this point. There is a looooong talk time, this is where you top the raid up and get out of the 5sr and regen your mana as much as possible. Everyone will stack (either in 2 or 1 groups). The ranged tank wont requite much healing, 1 perhaps 2 healers will suffice. There will be OT healing, but not a lot. Apart from that ensure you finish this phase on full or near to full mana. And help out on smashing the head when it is down.

Voltron: Back to allocated sections just like P2. 2 healers on MT (no oh shits required thankfully) 1 on ranged tank and everyone else is balls to the wall crazy healing. Again, a lot of this will depend on people doing thier jobs and not fire standing. If you move, get back into position, but dont sacrifice healing out put to do so. If the MT healers get a chance to throw off the odd heal on anyone else, do so. Healers should NOT stop casting this entire time.

(Updated for Washing Machine AWESOME strat)