Friday, May 15, 2009

Mimiron washing machine strat

YES! Treat Mimiron like a washing machine and all your firestanding stains will be rinsed away.

By which I mean do the following in P2 and P4:
Allocate 3 groups (we used G345 in raid), and give them a third of the space each. Fortunately, this is well marked out on the ground for you already - Left RIght and Back as you enter the room. In each group put some ranged and 1-2 healers depending on the firestandyness of the people in each group. Each group is a self contained unit of healing.

Now, everyone arrange themselves in a little thirdish circle around the boss, as close in as you can get safely, staying nicely spaced horizontally from each other, and also not standing in front of each other relative to the boss. This is important because the cannons do line of sight damage, tearing through everyone in the way to their actual target. I hope that made sense. If not, go look it up, you will see what I mean.

Melee in groups 1 and 2 (with 3 healers - one in each third - we had to use 8 total healers to cover off the sheer output of helaing required PS Shammies are OP, we used 2) stay BEHIND the boss at all times, and dodge the cannons by running through the boss to the other side.

Ok the main issue we had was the retard beam. So, we solved it simply by saying: When the retard beam (P3Wx2) starts EVERYONE ROTATES CLOCKWISE ONE THIRD. You have no idea how much easier it made the fight for us. Healers didnt have to worry about moving back to their old positions, people were not running in front of each other and getting smashed by cannons. It was glorious to behold.

There are strats out there that do this by staking in 2 or 3 ranged groups. We found that the cannon damage was somewhat too severe to keep up with and this does a similar job with less aoe.

The healing allocations I gave below, are pretty much similar to this, and generally remain unchanged. We are just adding another group (LR and B now) and allocating healers to it as well.

Oh yeah, and GET OUT OF THE RED FIRE ON THE FLOOR! Do these things and mimiron will go down pretty fast. Actually, we got mimi down second attempt at using this strat, and we only ballsed up the first one cos people didn't listen between pulls and didn't realise their groups had changed.