Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I am a real GL now!

I am a real guild leader now! I had my first @ thread on the forums full of vitriol and hate for gkicking someone. It was awesome.

This happened a few weeks ago now, so I think I can post about is pretty safely. I kicked a guildie for running a 25man PUG and MLing gear to his friends (not letting pugs roll). That kind of thing is not acceptable in our guild and a breach of our code of conduct all guildies agree to by applying. So I announced this fact to the guild and unceremoniously dumped him. His 2 little friends (also in our guild) stayed quiet.

2 days later, we invite one of the friends to be in the raid. We get there start buffing, and one of my RAs is saying he has a problem. Oh? Yeah M doesnt want to raid. What? at all? We get a "sorry I just can't do this" and he leaves raid and gquits. Fine. Was wondering what would happen there.

Last little friend (a non raider) is still in the guild, plotting his evil rewengie on me for kicking out his mates. What he comes up with is the lamest thing I have ever seen.

We have a guild gallery where we post photos of stuff, ourselves whatever. Well, I had just got glasses for the very first time, and just got my hair cut and coloured. I thought I was now officially a complete geek and got a headshot off my phone and posted it to the forums saying on vent how geeky I felt I looked. There were many lolz and welcomes to the nerd club from guildies and a lot of good natured jibing, which was exactly what I was after. The last guy was not a part of the guild when I did this. So, he stumbles across this hilariously bad photo of me looking particularly boyish (short hair FTW!) and puts it on his imageshack account with a link on our forums saying - Hey GAIZ Look at this thread on the forums!!! You should and gquits. Or something to that effect.

I get wind of this within a few hours and go look at the thread. Well! He posted on an alt, and got his alty friends to post how they got such lols from seeing this photo of this girl, or IS IT A GUY lololol (yeah that was their big thing - was I a guy????). And is that really me?

I was really unprepared for the reaction from the community it got. They were SLAMMED into the floor by just about everyone. They were reported into nothingness. I posted a "OH NOES some random guy from the internet thinks I'm ugly - WHAT AM I TO DO?" post that I think got a few lulz. But ... wow. A world of special right there. And I was so impressed with the community both horde and alliance who just totally slammed these attempts at trolling with a vengeance I have never really seen. Often, people jump on board and encourage such stupid behaviour (there are plenty of threads on our forums trolling girls as being ugly or crap or any number of horrible things) but this time BLAM. I was stunned, and totally expecting to have to get into a slinging match while my guildies reported the thread and hope it went away.

I got a few PSTs in game from people, one of them apologised upfront and said I was ugly, to which I replied, erm, that was the point of the picture in the first place - I thought I was looking particularly nerdy with glasses now, and did it on purpose. Oh. LOL then, he says.

But, I am now officially (after 2 years on and off of being a guild leader) blooded.

The awesomest part was, they were clearly plotting their revenge for a couple of days and that was the best they could some up with.