Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kologarn 25

This one will be short, because there really is not a lot to be said about this boss.

The trash to this boss is annoying without a warlock. But judicious use of CC and you will be ok.

Kologarn himself is a very bug dude, I mean, we are the size of his belt buckle. The set up is easy, as per the standard you need 3 ish tanks, but you can probably do it with 2 if you had to.

There is a lot of directed and non directed damage in this fight, healers need to be on top of it.

The key to this fight is dealing with the eyebeams in such a way that your raiders don't run them through your raid exploding everyone in their path. The structure of the boss itself was something I really came to appreciate last night. There is a zone around the body of Kologarn where he does NOT target you for eyebeam, possibly for fear of missing and getting his nads. Pop your tanks and melee in there. Now, the hit box of the arms is HUGE, why is it huge? To cover the no eyebeam zone. This actually prevents hunters from being in there. The other mechanic to force ranged out is that this area silences casters. Neat huh? I thought so.

OK so melee are snugly in with the tanks stabbing at his stomach or arm uninterrupted.

Ranged, it's your time to shine!

We ended up in 2 ranged groups, one left one right with a healer allocated to each group. We spread out as much as we could, trying not to be one in front of the other. We also kept a path at the back free for kiting eyebeams. So, what we did was, eyebeam on you? run directly to the back wall and out the door. DO NOT run over someone else (hence the not trying to be in front of each other comment). Stay away from the adds (pew pew range them down).

That's it, that is the main trick to this fight. Really. Thats all! That is the main thing you need to do. And doing it right is not something you can explain. You just need to be aware and put in contingency plans for moving healers.

Eyebeams. Dont kill your raid mates with 'em and you will collect phat lewtz.

If you are having issues, try to melee stack the raid as much as possible.