Monday, April 27, 2009

Baby Faced XT-002 Deconstructor

XT, I swear, has some of the most amusing emotes currently in the game. He(?) also has the emotes which are likely to get the most annoying fast in the game.

So, some tips for getting the kid down.

Raid makeup:
1 MT + 2ish MT healers
2 OTs + 1 OT healer
4 Ranged healers (you will need it)

First up is raid distribution.
Deadly boss mods has a thing that you can use which is a range finder. Type /range then drag it where you like it. Right click on it and set the range to 15(ish) yards. This is really important for later.

Tanks and melee and the OT healer
This one your MT tanks XT in the middle where he paces to, MT healers are at a safe distance behind the MT. Melee split into 2 groups, one on the right arse cheek one on the left. Melee need to make sure their range checker does NOT have the MT on it, nor the OT/Melee healer. The OT/melee healer stands at range behind the melee. Yes, behind. When melee get grav bomb or light well, they run off to the left or right (as is sensible) and get out of range of the other melee. They stay IN range of their healer. It is easy enough to do. If the MT gets moved everyone repositions, don't just mill around like an idiot and wonder why you cant reach the melee anymore or why you are not getting heals.

XT has a massive hit box, take advantage of that.

The melee stay on the boss, then move to the heart, then back on the boss. Rinse repeat. They assist on adds as required.

OTs and the OT Healer
There are 2 OTs, one for the left side one for the right. They need to pull adds they are tanking towards the stairs so the OT healer can keep them alive. Help from the "raid healers" may be required.

Ranged and add control
The MT healers get first pick of spots. Everyone else spreads out, that range checker should be on, and no one should be within 15ish yards of each other - this means minimal movement. Raid healers allocated to "left" "right" and "middle" as necessary. Ranged should be allocated to add spawn points as necessary; do your thing when the adds are out and smash the boss/heart when not. Never under any circumstances, let the little crappy bots get to XT. Get melee on it if you have to, but XT must never heal.

The Heart
This is probably the most important part of killing XT. If you can afford to ignore adds during this phase, I really recommend you just let the OTs to it. The first heart phase is the most important, there are no adds up and everyone can DPS the heart, except trees. Leave the trees to heal. Pop Heroism, pop all your CDs, get as much DPS on that heart the first time around as you can. If you do enough DPS then smash XT, you will miss a tantrum or several as you will have skipped past it on the health meter. The more tantrums you can miss, the easier it will be on the healers.

That's it. Not hard really, just a bit punishing on the healers and keeping the adds under control (as usual) is key. Good Luck!