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For some reason I keep calling this boss some variant of razor that isn't actually its name. No idea why, but I blame Nethersprite. It's all his fault.

Anyway, there are a few strats out there for this boss, some involve spreading out, some involve bunching up. We kinda did something halfway inbetween and MAN did it make healing easy. Again, I am not writing up the boss strat, you can look that up yourself.
Firstly, and importantly: Stay inside the circle (or as close to that as possible).

Phase 1 (100%-50%)
We had 3 tanks, our warrior was in charge of tanking the whirlwind guy. The other two picked up everything else, one on the left side, one on the right. Melee were split into 2 groups, one for the left tank, one for the right tank. It was melee's job to interrupt the chain lightnings. Really important to stay on top of that as that chain lightning HURTS and can oneshot the last person on the chain (as I found painfully one time). There was one MT healer allocated to each tank.

Ranged hang out in the middle, and dps whatever. BUT if the big whirlwind guy comes out, they have to switch targets and burn that add down asap. Melee STAY AWAY or you will become very splattered.

Raid healers hang out in the middle, and keep an eye on melee and ranged. If melee are doing their job, there should be little AoE damage. But hang on... what about the blue flame? I hear you ask. AH....

Razorface, we noticed, targets the closest person to it with the blue flame. So we had a designated "flame tank" whose job it was to dance underneath Razorblade and attract his attention. This allowed the healers a much better chance of keeping people alive. Raid damage became controllable and predictable. We have not seen this written anywhere, but we experimented with it, and it seems to be holding true.

At some point you will bring Razorgore down and it will be time to PWN FACE. Adds, at this stage, should be left to their own devices and held in check by the tanks. Resto druids should be keeping these tanks alive (as trees cant DPS. Fail trees). Everyone and his pet worg should be throwing everything they have got at Razorfang. Pop cooldowns, pop heroism, pop haste pots... think of sarth 3d type zerg then buff that drake by 175% (I'm not kidding). Yell at your DPS to go hard, I wanna see holy novas, holy shocks and electricity! I wanna see crits and hysteria! I want to see that boss percentage SUB 75% on that first grounding.

Ok, up it flies and it's time to head back into position and back to taking care of business.

Second grounding you want that proto-mechano-drake sub 50%. GO hard. This fight is much easier if you only have 2 ground phases not 3. 3 is doable, but you are likely to down it after enrage.

Phase 2 (50%-splat)
Ok, now get your MT (who should be the whirlwind tank) straight onto that dragon cos all of a sudden there's an aggro table! so be careful! Now, the tanks will be taking a debuff called "fuse armour". When it hits 2 stacks swap tanks. All Tank healers keep the current MT up.

DPS should get all the adds down first to free up the tanks to tank razorthing. Then everyone on the boss. Kill kill kill! Beat that enrage timer, check CDs at this point.

See that circle on the ground? Yeah? good. The current tank needs to kite backwards along that circle, like grobbulous. NO ONE gets ahead of the tank on that fight or you DIE. Watch for fire on the ground melee and all is good.

That's it. Not a difficult fight, just a lot of damage going around and a lot of chaos and some SERIOUS DPS required.

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Macbook said...

I have an alternate strat -- during P1 of this fight I have all my raid, except for the tanks and 1 healer stand outside of the circle. Provided that people are inside of the circle, the blue flame will never leave that circle.

Melee just sits and does nothing (offheal if they are hybrids) during P1, and we let the tanks bring the adds to the edge of the circle for it.


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