Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Crazy Cat Lady - Auriaya

How do you say that anyway? Or-ee-ah-ya? Where is the syllable emphasis? or-EE-ah-ya? Or-ee-AH-ya? or-ee-ah-YA? What is it with this instance and names of bosses I completely fail at being able to pronounce or even simply get right?

Anyway, crazy cat lady is not hard. I mean that in the strat sense.

In this, it is all about the pull. We have a DK tank DnD pull while everyone hides behind a corner (cos those cats POUNCE on you). The Warrior tank throws up a shield wall (and other CDs) to deal with physical damage, the pounce cant be shield walled, so get a pally to use Hand of Sacrifice on the tank to soak the pounce damage (bubbling helps here). The MT picks up Crazy cat lady, the DK taunts 2 cats off the warrior and takes them over there *points* 10 yards away, to deal with the debuffs.

Mark the cats up, and kill em. Then its cat lady's turn. Interrupt the sonic booms, and here's a handy trick to deal with the fears.

Get a priest in a group with a few healers and an interrupter (we had a rogue) perhaps the MT if you need. Priest uses fear ward on themselves and mass dispells the fear. Makes the fight almost trivial. Drop tremor totems for everyone else, or use personal fear removing abilities. Everyone move back to your positions after.

At some point another kitty will spawn, dps it down, and have the OT move it away from the raid to die (as it creates a big black icky spot on the ground that kills you. Not Nice).

Rinse, repeat! It's not at all hard. Like High King Maulgar, it's all about that pull, and I think HKM was harder.