Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Healing as a Pally - The Plagueworks

Bacon the add tank, heal the rotface tank (as the add tank might run out of range)
Stand on rotface and melee hit him for mana
Shocks on the infected person to assist with a quick heal to keep them alive
Use bubble to make sure your slime merges quickly if you have to run through green goo on the ground
Shadow aura

Shadow AURA!
Bacon the tank and heal the raid, as the raid takes less damage focus on the tank.
Have DG/HoSanc ready for emergencies on the tank
Watch the boss for the cast of pungent blight and save AM for a bit of extra shadow protection then (incase someone missed a buff)
Plant your feet in melee range and heal like crazy!

Phase 1 and 2
A much more mobile fight
Aura doesn't matter
Bacon on the tank, and help raid heal
Throw additional helping heals on the slime targets
Keep an eye on the abomination and heal it up if necessary

Phase 3
Keep the tanks alive at all costs
Try to keep your best DPS up if you can spare a bacon heal
Pre-bacon the next tank and start pre-emptively healing them when the current tank is on n-1 debuffs (n is the number of stacks you guys decided to take per tank)
Keep bacon on the current tank so you can throw out extra heals on the raid and the previous tanks without losing a beat on the current tank
Keep all the tanks alive (did I mention that? I did? well it really is that important)
Save LoH for the third tank phase