Monday, March 22, 2010

Healing as a Pally - The Lower Spire

Lord Marrowgar
Phase 1
Get into melee range and hit Lord Marrowgar. 
Put Beacon on one tank and heal the other (HL or FoL are acceptable depending on gear levels)
Frost Aura is a must.

Phase 2
Plant those feet, beacon yourself and heal like crazy, Shock, HL, FoL
If the fires come your way, strafe out a little bit so you dont get hit.
Use Aura Mastery at this time to help people stuck in fires.

Lady Deathwhisper
Try to stay as central as possible to keep range on all tanks
Beacon on one tank, heal the other - if they are both in range of you, they are in range of each other for beacon.
Use the aura you are specced into, resist is not a major player here.
Aura mastery not a major player here except for fun.
Keep your judgement up on the lady, dont try to judge the adds (the ret pallies will do that)

If you are careful, and stand on the edge of the boat, you can generally have range of everyone.
Beacon yourself and go nuts healing anything and everything.
This is an easy battle, you should not have to do a lot of work.
Judge the axe throwers or any thing in range, really.
Fire Aura!

Deathbringer Saurfang
Stand wherever your RL's strat tells you to
Move HoJ onto your bar
Aura is not critical
Keep your judgment up on Saurfang
Keep Sacred Shield up on Saurfang's current target and FoL spam it (that should be enough to keep them up)
When a mark goes out, beacon the mark and keep FoL spamming.
When a second mark goes out, swap your FoLs to the second mark target.
If a third mark goes out, start using holy lights and alternate your heals around the marked targets and tanks.
When an add comes in range, Stop, HAMMER TIME!  You should be able to get one stun every 2 sets of adds.
If toward the end things get hairy, you might want to use a Hand of Sacrifice or DS to ease the pressure.