Thursday, April 9, 2009

Identifying simple mistakes and correcting them is OUR responsibility

On the heels of a failed Immortal run, I had this to say to our guildies on the guild blog


Well, there were mixed feelings about whether last night was a success or not. Personally, I wouldn't say that success (in terms of achieving goals) was a good yardstick for last night. If you are measuring that way then we failed in the arse. However, if you are measuring in other ways, then last night was a big step forward in identifying what attitude shifts we need to make in order to be more successful in Ulduar.

The first thing we did which was a step forward was that even after a death kyboshing our immortal run, we continued to behave like it was still going. In all (apart from one called wipe) we had a total of 4 deaths. 2 in KT (the individuals need to look at why they died and try to not have that happen again) 1 in gluth (we need a better way of keeping the kiters alive, or do a better job of kiting), and one in thaddius (where a raider made a bad judgement call and screwed up that wont happen again). There was also a bad judgement call by another raider when we were going for shocking, again, that raider wont be making that mistake again.

In short, officers were raging in officer channel at every simple, stupid mistake (but it was kept in there to keep the raid upbeat and moving). Comments of "Do we need to baby sit them all the time?" The short answer is No. We dont and we shouldn't have to. Individual raiders should know exactly what they are doing and what mistakes they made, especially at this point in the content. All the above were individual stuff ups (except gluth, we will address that seperately, that's a current strat failure) from raiders that should have known better.

We will be doing this again, and again and again until we all get the idea that we are to be on our best behaviour at all times. Dont scrub up and its on your own head. Yes, we are bored with this stuff - but that is ZERO EXCUSE to be lazy.

As I pointed out at the time, a run where people pay attention is a fast run - last night was 3:15 total. Including a break. As we do this more and more, our timings will drop. An excellent example of this was patchwerk. We downed him in less than 3 mins - we pulled him across the water and we werent even trying, we had 7 healers ad 3 tanks. The difference? We were all paying attention and everyone stayed alive. The more we stay alive, the faster stuff dies.

You can't DPS dead. So let's each make a concerted effort to stop dying to dumb shit, even if you DPS a bit less. Deal? Deal.