Friday, April 24, 2009


Finally - some real content has emerged! and we are in the thick of it and progressing nicely. So far we have Flame Leviathan down with 2 towers (2 weeks in a row). XT and Razorface are also deaded, and I will write up some tips and strat for those in the coming days. We had a good go at Kologarn last night and very nearly downed him.

I am finding that healing strat is much more pivotal than it used to be, almost more important than in TBC. A small tweak to healing strat has been seeing the difference between half the raid dying and one person dying. It is quite amazing. Tanks are actually having their work cut out for them with tank rotations and movement and adds. DPS are CCing. Yes, amazing as it sounds, we used CC on kologarn/Council trash. Also, we used it on the new XT trash! I nearly fell off my chair when I saw hunters chain trapping and elementals banished and TURTLES wandering around. I cried tears of joy when our mage started yelling about dots being on his turtle target and getting stroppy at the DPS for it. It was WONDERFUL!

I cant believe how deliriously happy I am to see hard content again. How good it feels to "progress" on a boss. How much you feel like you are rewarded when you get PHAT LEWTZ after the boss goes down.

Ah... it's such a good feeling, I had almost forgotten it. This is why I play WoW.