Thursday, April 9, 2009

WTF happened to our raiders

Raider boredom is settling in. Everyone has done Naxx OVER and OVER and maly and sarth are on farm. Your raiders are stopping turning up, hell, even OFFICERS are struggling to find the motivation to carry your guild over the next couple of weeks.

And now the patch is delayed.

What can you do?

There are a couple of options:
1) stop "official" raiding. Let people do what they want, when they want. Start up again when 3.1 hits. Many bleeding edge raiding guilds do this, but for those of us slightly lower in the food chain it can be an issue. People are used to routine, break that routine and its hard to get back into it.

2) Focus on achievements - work toward getting heroic:glory to the Raider and a presigious drake for your guildies. You still have some time. Make sure people want the goal. And if you dont get the numbers, dont stress it, call the raid and work on it next time. Early bed time can be rewarding!

3) keep farming/progressing. This is probably the most dangerous option as is breeds dissent and discontent. People feel like raiding is "work" and no longer fun.

4) start gearing up alts for something else to do. A change is as good as a holiday, the only issue is making sure you keep a good raid balance.

Most guilds will be somewhere between 2 and 3, working on sarth 3D and farming naxx (*yawn*). But if you try and shake up your raiding schedule a bit you might be able to keep the interest going while the wait to 3.1 drags on.