Friday, January 7, 2011

Losing your mojo

What on earth do you mean, run out of mojo?
I have lost motivation to play!  Apart from going and smacking a few trolls and stealing theirs, it's a question we all face in some way or other at some time.  And there are a few things you can do if you love playing WoW, but are not really motivated at this point in time.  Usually, it is due to circumstances in and/or out of game.

What happened?
Personally, I have a rather good out of game reason for mojo-loss that I wont go into for the moment (one day I will explain it, no it's actually not MS-related but that is part of the issue) that will probably eventually stop me playing in any way shape or form that is considered "regular".  This was making me play less and have less energy to put into my guild, which consequently suffered, meaning that I was not enjoying the time online that I was spending, because I spent it feeling guilty that I was not motivated to run the guild.

So, what have I done that is keeping me going?
It isn't really worthy of a lot of blogging, but I have gone back to the beginning.  I have managed to convince my fiance to play (yes, my boyfriend didn't play WoW! He didn't get me into it, I am annoying HIM to play.  Although, he is a massive minecraft fan ans once I showed him the mining and blacksmithing professions he got inordinately excited) and we have decided to play on Proudmoore, where quite a few of my RL friends hang out.  It is also the guild that my RL friends have been pestering me to join for a couple of years now.

So, I moved a couple of alts across as well as starting my worgen with my fiance (druids are fun, for the record) and started playing over there when I felt the need for company and easy levelling.  My mage has been a great joy to play (I really love all the procs you get in fire spec, it is so exciting and compelling to keep on going on a hot streak!) and I played more and more over on Proudmoore, less and less on Brang and Frosty.

Until this weekend I realised something - I had not logged onto Brang in over a week.  I had recommended that me and my partner start on Proudmoore, not Frosty.  This was a massive realisation for me that perhaps I should go there too.  So, I was mulling this over while happily exploding mobs on my mage and I made a decision.  I was going to move.

Now, this guild on PM is a much more "casual" guild, but playing in a guild just for the raiding that I didn't necessarily get along with the people in it made me realise something earlier last year.  I don't raid to raid.  I raid for fun.  I found out last year that I don't care if I wipe over and over and over as long as the people are GRADUALLY improving and the conversation is entertaining.  This is leisure time, it's supposed to be FUN! not stressful.

After talking to the PM guild, and my GL, I transferred last night.

Only to have a name change fail.  *sigh* so, 1 GM ticket later, we will see if that gets fixed up.

Who is the PM guild that made you leave your home?
Southern Wardens.  You may have heard of them.  They have been around for a very long time across a couple of MMOs - the WoW guild was formed in 2004 (yeah, they have been going that long).  Their guild leader is the writer of Banana Shoulders, and there is at least one other blogger from Hunters Rhok in there too.

So yeah, that's why I have been a bit quiet; dealing with my health (which at the moment is a full time job yeesh!) and losing my mojo.

Here's to hopefully finding my mojo again and some more strategy writeups - but certainly not at the pace I was doing it last year.  I'm going to try to add in some more paladin theory crafting as well.