Monday, December 20, 2010

The Cataclysm levelling experience so far

Well, I wanted to post this a week ago, but it seems Life and Work have smacked me around the head a lot, and I have had minimal time to log on recently.  I am currently half way through 84.

Previous expansions (including vanilla) I charged to the level cap, and was assisted to get as much XP as possible to get to endgame as fast as possible.  As I get older, more cynical and with more alts, I am finding I want to actually level this time.  I want to experience the story of the Naga, of consorting with ancients, or really smelling what uldum smells like.

I have completely finished Hyjal, and I loved the epic feel to it.  I felt important, I felt like I was making a difference.  Pity we had to go undercover again, I felt they ruined that section of the story with the pre-events.  But apart from that, the Hyjal story line was engaging, the questing was useful (if there were "go get me 6 of these" it was clear that they had a reason).  I was tricked, duped, sent up trees to save baby bears, used, abused, stuck on hippogriffs and dragons, had molten bore jokes thrust in my face and so on and so forth.

Vash'ir wasn't the amazing experience it was sold to me as.  I found the quest tricks annoying rather than engaging (to the point that I spent over 45 mins trying to figure out why my seahorse kept despawning, only to discover it was my vanity pet after about 30 attempts, then to have arrows shown on my screen and have my action bar mod fail so I spent another large amount of time screaming and wondering why hitting the REAL arrow keys wasn't working... yeah, not a happy camper).  I also gave up on the zone about 2/3 of the way through it.  The story was LONG, the quests not engaging (the only really interesting thing was the naga phasing story) and I wanted to get levelling.  So Vash'ir went bye bye.

I skipped deepholme and went to Uldum.  Now, I had heard mixed reviews of uldum, that it was not linear, the quests were terrible, the cut scenes were annoying and so on and so forth.  However, I am finding the quests interesting, the cut scenes FUN! and the xp very nice.  I'm only half way through Uldum, but I hope to finish it as I hit 85.

I think this is the longest time it has taken me to hit level cap ever.  Someone give me some of their spare time please? I am missing mine.  I won't get to log on for at least another 2 days either.  Yeesh, talk about getting the twitches.

And my poor guild needs recruiting and some love, MMOLeader needs some of my attention and my blog here needs some time too.

I have some opinions on Holy Pally healing as well, but given the state of flux the class/spec seems to be in at the moment, I might wait until it settles.  Suffice it to say that holy light is still your go to spell, with the odd flash, shock on CD, and get in there and hit those mobs.  No matter what anyone says, a free heal is a free heal, use those Holy Power points!