Friday, November 12, 2010

What are my more popular posts?

I was meandering around my site, looking at feedburner stats and the stats provided by blogger to see what my more popular posts are.

Unsurprisingly, my most viewed piece of work.  This seems to get linked to by guilds the world over from their forums.  Occasionally, these guilds have unlocked forums and I have opportunity to see what was said about my guide.  Mostly it is positive, and sometimes there are penny drop moments for people which is satisfying to see.  The main way people get to this post is via pwnwears couple of link backs to me in his compilation posts of online guides.
People get here from google.  Not as often linked to forums as our good friend the lich king, I can only assume this is mostly for people doing their own research.  There is a sharp drop off in page views as I assume that google doesn't show saurfang as high on the search lists.

From here we drop into my leadership posts.  These guys sit in the 2-500 view range.
These posts all had a lot of link love.  They did the rounds of my corner of the blogosphere, which was extremely awesome to watch and every time someone links to me I never believe that they think my work could be good enough to promote.  They are also all posts made within the last 2 months.
Of course, this is not looking at the RSS feed traffic or general traffic from the wonderful people out there linking unasked to my blog!  I am a believer in putting links to other blogs I like.  If I find a new blog, it goes in my reader for a couple of months.  If I find myself reading it and enjoying it, I will pop it in my blog roll. If not, then I either unsub or I just read it occasionally.

So, luckily for me I will be continuing my strategy writing come Dec 7 (it will only be 10man focused, but I suspect that will be what the majority of people will be doing anyway).  In fact, I will be documenting not just the working strategy, but also the discovery process we will be going through to create a strategy.  I hope this will be interesting and entertaining for everyone to read!