Thursday, October 28, 2010

There's movement at the station...

...for the word has FINALLY passed around!

I have been working on a SuperSecretProject for a few weeks now. 

One day, I was hanging out on the pwnwear leadership forum and thought... "If I wanted advice as a leader, where would I go?"  After a quick internet search, I came up with a few blogs, but no real home or place to go for advice or just a good old whinge.

It seems that I was not the only one with this thought.  Gravity from Pwnwear was thinking similar things.  One quick conversation later and we were embarking upon a brave new world of leadership community building.  This world was named


We busily worked on what it would look like, how it would feel, what was the purpose.  Along the way, we invited some people to join us in creating this new corner of the internet.  Karatheya from Cold Comfort, Kasgrin from the Pwnwear forums and Blacksen of Blacksen's End all thought this was a mighty fine idea and agreed to be contributing authors.

Together we worked hard to create a space that... for a new home looks pretty good, if a bit utilitarian at the front end.  We are hoping that as we grow and develop, so will our forums and more especially, our front page (I have cemented my realisation that "pretty" is for other people, however cool back end crazy coding, yeah, that's more like me!).

So please, if you are a leader or you enjoy reading about leadership and want somewhere that you can call home, join us at MMOLeader.  We are not just about WoW, we are looking at all kinds of gaming leadership.  We even have a section for professional development, because so much of the theory and ideas presented to keep an online group running is used in the workplace as well!

It is easy to become a member.  You can login with your facebook or twitter accounts, or just comment anonymously if you wish, but to get the most out of the forums come and make an account.

The most important thing I have left till last - this is a community first and foremost.  While a few of us will be authors, admins and moderators, if you wish to become an author, start posting!  If the article you write is good enough, you will make it to the front page as a featured topic.  No commitment, no responsibility, no strings attached.  If you don't want to be put up front on the front page, just let us know in the post.

If you have enjoyed reading this blog at all, I hope you will come give MMOLeader a try.

Now, all that said - I will still be posting here.  Much of my content will be cross posted if it relates to leadership in any way shape or form, but my strategy posts will still be finding a home here.  In fact, come cata, this blog will undergo a slight content shift as I will be documenting my adventures in Pastafarian.

So Big News!  Please pass the word around, it is going to be hard to generate the initial buzz, but I am hoping that all you wonderful people out there will help me achieve that!