Saturday, November 6, 2010

Of PUGs, Mages and tangents

This is a bit of a (long) Story Time with Aunty Brang, but I was so excited, I had to share.  I won't be offended if you just skim it and click "read" on your RSS feeder, I also wont know but SHHH...

I am generally not a LFD-er.  I am not a fan of the people you get in pugs from that tool.  Generally people are silent, and when they do talk it is because you screwed up, or they are telling you to wait for mana or demanding a buff of some kind.  The anonymity and randomness has made people forget their manners, on the whole.  Occasionally, the LFD tool has sparks of awesome.  This is the tale of one such awesome point in an otherwise boring time of levelling.  There is one moral from this story, one point that I keep trying to make over and over... communication is key.  If you communicate, then people are a lot more tolerant of you, as you will see in the following dialog.

I was levelling my little mage, Dhaliri, trying to catch up to some of my friends who had overtaken me so we could go do some instances together.  With some trepidation, I hit the LFD key, and start questing.  Within minutes I was being ported into Utgarde Keep "I WILL PAINT MAH FACE WITH YOUR BLOOOOD!" (Sure Ingmar, whatever you say).

It didnt take long for me to realise that something good was about to happen:

14:46 [Tank DK]: Try to keep up

So with out much further ado, we charge into the instance.  The DK Tank is pulling like a champion, taking large groups of mobs (but not too many) and the rest of us are carving up the AoE.  We all seem to know what we are doing, waiting for the DnD to go down before we start wailing on everything.  Then... this happens...

14:53 [Priest Healer]: I don't get the trend for tanks to totally disregard that the healer needs mana...what is that?
14:54 [Tank DK]: I wasn't disregarding, I just wasn't paying attention
14:54 [Hunter]: an s on their chests now??
14:54 [Hunter]: lol

At this point, I think I had a massive crush on the hunter...

14:55 [Tank DK]: The very last time I ran this, I ran it with a druid who said he could faceroll

Uh oh!  Could we possibly have a cocky, annoying tank?

14:55 [Tank DK]: I wasn't mitigating properly, usually I can heal myself a bit

*blink* SERIOUSLY? This tank was saying that the wipe was partially his fault!  I think I have a crush on the tank now too!  He even took the priest seriously with the next comment:

14:55 [Priest Healer]: no idea what that is
14:56 [Tank DK]: It's so easy, he could roll his face over the keyboard and it would workl 
14:56 [Hunter]: lol

Hunter is giggling his head off at all this, and so am I.

14:58 [Tank DK]: Mana?
14:58 [Priest Healer]: thanks
14:58 [Hunter]: no ty i am good lol

Ah Hunter - how I love thee, let me count the ways.  And thus we proceeded to completely smash the instance.  Then, the Tank DK dropped the bombshell:

15:13 [Tank DK]: This is my second character, right next to the 55 warrior I dropped to make this one
15:13 [Tank DK]: I just love tanking
15:13 [Tank DK]: I'm gonna make a druid and a pally too
15:13 [Hunter]: u r good at it
15:14 [Dhaliri]: yeah, you are doing really well at tanking for your second character
15:14 [Tank DK]: =D
15:14 [DPS DK]: ya :D
15:14 [Tank DK]: My buddy has played WoW for about 4 years
15:14 [Dhaliri]: Im watching your threat and its solid
15:14 [Tank DK]: I learn a lot from him
15:14 [Dhaliri]: well, hes a good teacher
15:15 [Hunter]: yes
15:15 [Tank DK]: Thanks =D

We enjoyed that run so much, we decided to go again, but with a new healer.  This healer has a rather... LOW mana pool.  AAAAAAAAAAaaaand we wipe.  Now, read the following interaction:

15:25 [Tank DK]: What happened?
15:26 [Dhaliri]: I pulled aoe
15:26 [Druid Healer]: i died
15:27 [Tank DK]: I screwed up the positioning of my DnD

There was a bit more to the conversation than that, but it is pretty boring to read.  The upshot it we identified what went wrong and we corrected it.  The only thing the druid had to say was "I died".  The rest of us were trying to figure out what happened and how it occurred.   I didn't pull aggro again, I watched the DnD and made sure my AoE was in the right places... however, the druid kept dying, generally, it seemed from a lack of mana (as the Tank DK was starting to look after himself), or not realising that DnD wasnt going down sometimes and pulling healer aggro.

15:40 [Dhaliri]: healer down
15:40 [Tank DK]: How?
15:41 [Tank DK]: I didn't think they'd be a problem, little babies hit a lot when they're many
15:41 [Tank DK]: I just blood boiled and assumed I'd have aggro thil they died
15:42 [Dhaliri]: druids pull healer aggro pretty hard

15:42 [Dhaliri]: something to be wary of on aoe pulls

15:45 [Druid Healer]: sorry guys, sik of running bak
15:45 [Druid Healer]: gl
15:46 [Dhaliri]: mmm so ... odd healer is odd?
15:46 [Hunter]: strange
15:46 [DPS DK]: did he was hurting himself ? xD

And the Druid decides to leave after the first boss.  However, while we were waiting for him to run back one time, us Dranei entertained ourselves by telling jokes to the mobs.

15:43 [DPS DK]: ajajajaj draenei talks like russians lolol.. sorry my first ally char
15:44 [Dhaliri]: Kind of
15:44 [Hunter]: was just gonna say that
15:44 [Dhaliri]: Ever heard of Babylon 5?
15:44 [DPS DK]: ya
15:44 [Dhaliri]: The dranaei are based on the boneheads from that show
15:44 [Dhaliri]: their prophet is even named Velen! (in Bab 5 its Valen(
15:45 [DPS DK]: im gonna check them out later :)

Did I mention that this group rocked?  Anyway, the new healer rocks up and we see the following exchange:

15:46 [DPS DK]: hi !
15:46 [Dhaliri]: Hi there
15:46 [Hunter]: hi
15:46 [Tank DK]: A DROOD
15:46 [Youngling]: Hello noobs and noobetes
15:47 [Youngling]: :P
15:47 [Youngling]: joks
15:47 [Hunter]: lol
15:47 [Dhaliri]: You are going to fit in JUST FINE
15:47 [Youngling]: lol?
15:47 [Youngling]: im scared now
15:47 [Dhaliri]: I would be
15:47 [Hunter]: for sure
15:47 [Youngling]: Just cause im a druid
15:47 [Youngling]: adn your a mage
15:47 [Dhaliri]: And you like dragons
15:48 [Youngling]: :O
15:48 [Dhaliri]: I SAW THAT MOVIE
15:49 [Youngling]: i made this toon when i was like 10
15:49 [Youngling]: then i got it to liek 15
15:49 [Dhaliri]: (oh man, I feel old right now)
15:49 [Youngling]: and stoped playing it for like 5 years
15:50 [Youngling]: adn now i am 15 and i decided to play it again
15:50 [Youngling]: lol how old are you
15:50 [Youngling]: 40?
15:50 [Dhaliri]: not THAT old
15:50 [Tank DK]: 23!
15:50 [DPS DK]: 26
15:50 [Youngling]: lol
15:50 [Dhaliri]: 32
15:50 [Hunter]: 38 here
15:50 [Youngling]: Lol
15:50 [Dhaliri]: oops 34
15:50 [Youngling]: lol u old people
15:50 [Dhaliri]: getting senile in my old age
15:50 [Youngling]: Lol
15:51 [Hunter]: young wippersnapper
15:51 [Youngling]: and you are a Femlae or a male :P
15:51 [Youngling]: lol
15:51 [DPS DK]: same as my char
15:51 [Dhaliri]: ditto
15:52 [Hunter]: same here
15:52 [Youngling]: Finkle bottom saggy tits :P
15:52 [Youngling]: sorry :(
15:52 [Dhaliri]: lol?
15:52 [Youngling]: lol
15:52 [Youngling]: you should be CONFUSED

Yep, that was pretty much one long exchange as we pulled into the next boss.  We smashed through the instance and queued up again.  This was worth it just for Youngling's random comments while we waited for the next healer to sort out a mod:

15:58 [Youngling]: when i run sideways it looks like i am running foward

16:00 [Dhaliri]: Tree is for Fight
16:01 [Youngling]: yeh
16:01 [Youngling]: GUESS WHAT
16:01 [Dhaliri]: what? (dare I ask?)

16:01 [Dhaliri]: how do you know?
16:01 [Youngling]: cause i videod it
16:01 [Youngling]: :P
16:01 [Dhaliri]: SS or it didn't happen!
16:03 [Youngling]: Feel my suductive dance
16:03 [Youngling]: :P
16:03 [Dhaliri]: that damn moonkin dance makes me lol

Finally, the shammy logs back on... we charge in...

16:03 [Tank DK]: Here we go
16:04 [Tank DK]: Get ready for epic heals

And disaster strikes as the tank comes crashing down...

16:04 [Youngling]: lol
16:04 [Tank DK]: WELL I NEVER!
16:04 [Youngling]: Moments like this you need a Minti
16:04 [Youngling]: lol

I pull aggro and decide Ice Block is my friend.

16:05 [Youngling]: Mage get back
16:05 [Youngling]: if worst com e to worst use Invisiblility
16:05 [Tank DK]: If worst comes to worst

(I would if I HAD invisibility at that level...)  I decided that advancing in a negative direction was the best thing for me to do right now... but I didn't count on LFD putting awesome people in my group a third time running.

16:05 [Shammy Heals]: you know what...that's my bad sry...
16:05 [Dhaliri]: I ran
16:05 [Dhaliri]: what happened?
16:05 [Shammy Heals]: my comp got freeze again
16:05 [Youngling]: lol
16:05 [Ret Pally]: I tanked
16:05 [Youngling]: :P
16:05 [Ret Pally]: we won
16:05 [Dhaliri]: AH
16:05 [Dhaliri]: I saw!
16:05 [Tank DK]: It's okay =D
16:06 [Dhaliri]: I froze, then ran, then ran back and helped!
16:06 [Ret Pally]: lol
16:06 [Tank DK]: runn!
16:06 [Youngling]: Lol you didnt help shit
16:06 [Tank DK]: loool
16:06 [Dhaliri]: I DID!
16:06 [Youngling]: :P
16:07 [Dhaliri]: Im helpy mcHelpPants
This was the very first pull of the instance.  How many people would have just quit?  But NOT US!  We trooped on!

16:22 [Dhaliri]: LOL so used to being a tank healer - on the tanks heels all the time
16:23 [Youngling]: lol
16:23 [Youngling]: what a noob
16:23 [Youngling]: :P
16:23 [Dhaliri]: You wish you were as noob as me
16:23 [Youngling]: fuck yeh
16:23 [Dhaliri]: see?

And Youngling was just as entertaining as previously.  Unfortunately, I had to leave after this run... but I couldn't be let go without a passing shot from the crowd...

16:29 [Dhaliri]: ok Im off guys - cheers for that
16:29 [Dhaliri]: GL with the levelling!
16:29 [Youngling]: *cough* noob *cough*
16:29 [Youngling]: :P
16:29 [Dhaliri]: haha
16:29 [Tank DK]: =D