Saturday, August 14, 2010

The amusement is high already

When you have gchat conversation like this, I know I made the right decision. (for the record, lazmoj is my baby shaman I am leveling in Pastafarian - my new guild)

17:44 [Rasmin]: nah Zuldarn told me to sign up to it
17:45 [Lazmoj]: OH I would be careful then
17:45 [Lazmoj]: you never know with Zuldarn
17:45 [Zuldarn]: yeah, im the shittest carnt
17:45 [Lazmoj]: dodgey as
17:45 [Anarr]: /nod
17:45 [Lazmoj]: Oh Anarr can you do me a favour?
17:45 [Zuldarn]: sexual favour?
17:45 [Anarr]: Sure
17:45 [Zuldarn]: if so, no he cant
17:45 [Lazmoj]: can you invite my DK into the guild
17:46 [Anarr]: np
17:46 [Lazmoj]: No i dont want anything resembling sex from anarr anywhere near me
17:46 [Zuldarn]: good lass.
17:46 [Anarr]: !
17:46 [Lazmoj]: *nods*
17:46 [Lazmoj]: Neither do you Anarr, so dont worry
17:46 [Anarr]: I'm a sexual tyrannosurus!
17:46 [Lazmoj]: ...
17:46 [Anarr]: :D
17:46 [Lazmoj]: BRB
17:53 [Lazmoj]: guild chat is entertaining again