Thursday, June 3, 2010

Only three to go!

Yep, I have now written out 9 hardmodes for ICC.  Only 3 to go!  We are already working on Prof Puke and Sindragosa, Sindragosa shouldn't be too much different from the normal strat, just harder, faster, stronger, more iceblocks for people to kill each other in and a lot more finesse in execution.  But I will wait till we down it so I can explain all the tardishness people need to avoid in order to actually down her.

Prof Puke?  Oh man, visions of Vashj Netball games are coming to mind.  It hurts me already just thinking about it.

Anyway, hope you find H LDW useful.  I am thinking about writing out a bit of a helpful hints post about using world o' flogs log parsing tool to help you analyse events.  You are all logging your attempts, aren't you? *raise eyebrow*

Perhaps a post about communication as well, having fallen victim to communication fail recently.