Monday, June 21, 2010

Guild updates in cataclysm

I generally tend to avoid talking about "What's to come" in the future releases.  Not because I am not interested, but because everyone else talks about them.  I don't actually see a need to add more noise to the signal.

HOWEVER, recently, Blizz let some bloggers onsite and gave them a few press releases.  If you have seen comments about path of the titans, and guild changes but cant find reference on the forums, that would be why.  They were never released on the blizz website. You can go look up all the links to the posts on the topic at the official forums, The best summary being on WorldofRaids or take a squiz at mmo-champion.

In this case, guild changes are kind of a bit core to the purpose of this blog.  Everyman and their worg has commented on whether they like the changes, or hate them.  I have one very big question when I saw this comment:
The guild UI has received an overhaul
What kind of overhaul? The details are depressingly sketchy.  They have told us the bits that NON GUILD LEADERS would care about.  But what about functionality that guild leaders would want?  Most notably, mass guild member functions.  For example, have you ever decided to restructure you guild ranks and then have to manually, one at a time, move each and every guild member from one rank to another?  For small guilds, not an issue, but for LARGE guilds?  It is a nightmare.  It generally involves something along these lines:  Officers decide on a new guild structure, GM implements it, all officers then pitch in moving members one at a time and covering the guild in yellow chat spam.  All officers then claim damages for RSI for the multiple clicking.  And then you find that you missed people and it is all stuffed up anyway.

We all know that the guild interface at guild leader level is an atrocity to use.  Fingers crossed that we can get something in cataclysm vaguely resembling something a guild leader can open and not despair at every time they see it.

Once upon a time I went looking for a mod to do this for me and gave up in frustration.  Did I completely miss one that people use?  Does anyone out there know of a better way of dealing with the menial tasks involved in being a guild leader?

When more details of exactly how all these guild changes come to light, I will have a look at what could be a good possible way of dealing with any potential guild relations' issues I foresee.  But until I see this played out and have a chance to actually look at what all this shiny new guild levelling and rep grinding is actually all about, I will let the rumours run rampant in other blogs.